Monday, August 02, 2010

Guess Where I'm Going? Brrrr

My best friend has always wanted to go to Iceland so this year we finally bought tickets. Can't wait to experience The Blue Lagoon and see the Northern Lights (again... they're so amazing). I'll be curating a mini Icelandic film festival before we go. We're going off season because we both love winter (our other friends just have to deal) and it's cheaper!

Though I've seen plentiful Scandinavian films, I think I've only seen two from Iceland: Blóðbönd (Thicker than Water) and Hafið (The Sea) both of which were rather intense family dramas and quite good ones at that. If you've seen any Icelandic films, do share in the comments. I've always wanted to see 101 Reykjavik (on account of my Victoria Abril love) but for reasons I can't fathom I've never rented it. That'll be the first selection in the mini-fest.

Iceland's only been nominated at the Oscars once, for Börn náttúrunnar (Children of Nature) by Friðrik Þór Friðriksson, arguably their best known filmmaker. Or he was until Baltasar Kormákur showed up. Baltasar, who also acts, is the current man getting international attention, English language remakes and the one Iceland keeps submitting for Oscar consideration.

Wonder what they'll submit this year? Both of those directors have new films but Baltasar's latest Inhale is in English with an international cast (Diane Kruger, Dermot Mulroney, Vincent Perez, Sam Shepard, etcetera) and thus ineligible. Friðriksson, on the other hand, made an Icelandic autobiographical mother/son alzheimer's film called Mamma Gógó. And, get this, it directly involves and references his Oscar success Children of Nature and subsequent financial struggles as his mother begins to fall apart. Here's the trailer (via Twitch)

To read more about possible Oscar action in the upcoming foreign language film category, chase these links: Albania to France | Georgia to the Netherlands | Norway to Vietnam



Robert Hamer said...

Let's not forget a certain elvin rock star who won the Film BiTCH Award for Best Actress ten years ago.

Cal said...

So jealous! This is top of my "places to go" list. It just looks so beautiful and interesting.

Jose said...

Can I come?
I promise I won't suggest Bjork singalongs on the plane.


yes you may come
we are planning to spend a lot of time in geothermal pools so be in good shape ;)

James T said...

Oh Nathaniel, when are you coming to Athens? :(

Anyway, have a great time!

Manhattan Mermaid said...

I'm going to Iceland this year, too :) Squeeeeeeeee!

Namaste said...

Awww, Iceland looks lovely in the pictures I've seen. A friend of mine was there some years ago and she enjoyed it a lot. It's also on my must-see list.

And why don't you come to mainland Europe and visit us [your many European readers] afterwards? ;)

JD said...

Must go to Bjork's home and knock her door!!!

Matt said...

Jealous! Just did the Iceland trip last summer, and you will not be disappointed. (I even got my dream-come-true Bjork sighting in!) Drive around the island on the ring road if you can, and go swimming as often as possible in the naturally-heated pools. The Latrabjarg bird cliffs in the Westfjords are unforgettable too. As far as films go, 101 Reykjavik is a good watch. You should also definitely check out Heima, the Sigur Ros concert flick documenting a bunch of free unannounced performances around the country.

Ásta said...

Icelandic nitpicker here: Iceland's not a part of Scandinavia. Just the Nordic region.

But welcome :) I hope you enjoy youself and pick some decent movies to watch. I enjoyed these (no idea if you can find them on dvd though):


Asta -- thanks for the recommendations but Netflix doesn't have any of those. argh.

as for Iceland not being part of Scandinavia. It shall remain so for the purposes of my blog "labels" since it's Nordic ;) but I hear ya.