Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hump Day Hotties: Cillian Murphy

To celebrate the opening of Breakfast on Pluto today (in limited release --sorry kids) this week's edible icon is ascending Irish actor Cillian Murphy. As feminine-pretty as this 31-year-old vegetarian may be in the new Neil Jordan drag drama, we possibly wouldn't know and love Cillian today without his feral naked breakthrough in 28 Days Later[FB Breakthrough Silver Medal]. Or rather we would still know him (his talent assures it) but maybe we wouldn't have quite so much affection or investment in his young career.

Murphy is so magnetic that his look works whether he's emaciated and rain-drenched (28 Days Later), professional and sinister (Red Eye, Batman Begins), or dolled up in drag (Breakfast). The lips, full and luscious combined with the too-high cheeks and the not-so secret weapon: those piercing baby blues --though one hesitates to describe his eyes as baby-anything, with their worldly iciness.

He has already made more than a dozen pictures in his short career. After Pluto he will next be onscreen in his second pairing with his 28 Days director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting) alongside a strong and beautiful cast that includes Michelle Yeoh, Troy Garity, Michelle Yeoh, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Chris Evans.


adam k. said...

Yes, Cillian is quite hot. And he's 31? Excuse me? Wow, he looks young. I am jealous. Looking forward to BoP.

Also, re:1983, am I the only one who thinks Meryl was a total fox back in the 80's? Not that she's not beautiful now. But it's more in that matronly way. I really think she was quite the dish back in the day.


you're not the only one.

adam k. said...

Not the only one who thinks Meryl was hot, or not the only one who is jealous of Cillian Murphy's youthful beauty? Ha.

Seriously though, I often hear Meryl described as "not particularly attractive" or "just avergae-looking" or "having ascended despite not have supermodel looks" or whatever, but jesus, she was beautiful. I don't think she ever got enough credit for that. Just cause she also happened to be the best actress, well, ever. That doesn't mean she wasn't also madly hot.

Plus, I like referring to Meryl's beauty because I have a "unique" off-kilter nose similar to hers and the fact that Meryl also has one and is totally hot and respected makes me feel happy.

But anyway, this is a Cillian Murphy board. Cillian is hot. growl

Anonymous said...

1. I think it's just because Meryl isn't considered a sex-icon. But, yes, she was quite a fox back in her day (er, it still is her day I spose).

2. Cillian Murphy is just... *melts into a pool of desire*

sorry, bout that.

I wasn't too sold on Murphy's looks until I saw three of his movies in a 2 week span. Intermission, Batman Returns and Red Eye. Especially Intermission from his break 2003 (although everyone seems to be saying 2005 is his break out year...???). He was great in that as well.

The Red Eye look worked for him as well (er, the stubbly look not the i-have-a-pen-jutting-out-of-my-throat-and-i-need-to-blow-up-your-hotel look...) Much more manly.


adam k. said...

Do you suppose Cillian might be in the running for breakthrough awards for BoP? Or did he already get those for 28 Days Later? It seems a tad late in his career for breakthroughage, but then, Charlize Theron...


after the Charlize "Breakthrough" awards I'd believe practically anything when it came to various awards groups willingness to bend the spirit of their law.

that was as bad as Ethan Hawke's "supporting" designation in Training Day.

How exactly do you win "Breakthrough" on your 20th film, after about 5 years of stardom?

adam k. said...

When the actual best actress award (Diane Keaton in the NBR's case) is a way older veteran making a comeback, perhaps "breakthrough" for someone in mid-career seems like less of a stretch.
Hey I don't believe it either but I'm trying to think of what was in their heads.
Mainly I was thinking that perhaps Cillain Murphy had ACTUALLY won breakthrough awards before, and in that case I'd think he wouldn't get any more. But, um... you never know.
Best breakthrough performance of 2003: Cillian Murphy, 28 Days Later
Best breakthrough performance of 2005: Cillian Murphy in Breakfast on... oh wait.

Anonymous said...

And it's not like they can also use Red Eye and Batman Begins as "he can also make blockbusters!" because 28 Days Later was quite the smash hit. Not to mention Intermission, Cold Mountain and Girl With a Pearl Earring.

But, yeah, Charlize and Paul Giamatti winning Breakthrough that year was bonkers.


Not just a Pretty Face said...

Omg. I really dont know if there are any words that can discribe Cillian Murphy, hes just so f-ing hot. Whith his face that is incredably hansome with thoes high almost 'girl-like' cheekbones, and hes gorgous, Irish-blinding-blue-eyes. It almost hutrs to look at him.

And has anybody seen a picture of his wife??? omg she is so UGLY! how in the hell could she end up with him? Her name is Yvonne McGuinness. (gosh, even her name sounds ugly.)

And just some facts about Cillian.
- 5'9
-Sexy Blue Eyes
-Natural Brown hair
-He has a ultra sex Irish accent

Not just a Pretty Face said...

sry i ment to say sexy Irish accent not sex Irish accent. ^^^

Anonymous said...

OMG, the man is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cillian is a good looking individual, but to attack his spouse's looks by calling her person and her name "ugly" just shows that you are not a very attractive person on the inside. A person's face and body are not the only things that can make a person beautiful. Wait until you're in love. I mean look at Shania Twain and Mutt Lang (or whatever his name is). As my ma always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say..."

Anonymous said...

Face it - she is butt ugly. I gasped when I saw her picture. I thought, this can't be. I can't believe he ended up with that ugly rag. Yuck!

Izzy said...


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luciane said...

yes hes very hot but i have a friend who met him and said hes not 5'9,hes really short...but hes gorgeous...anyway im 31 years old and i look like 20 and i have very bright blue eyes too...he should marry me
nice to meet u guys...and sorry for my bad english,im brazilian

sinlessbeauty116 said...

I'm quite sure your friend is wrong, it comes to a point where I'm not sure whether anyone has ever met Cillian in person or not ( I have sites telling me he's only 5'5 in person and other site saying he's at least 5'9) I am guessing that Cillian is 5'9 due to the fact that he stood significantly taller than Keira Knightley(5'7) Susan Sarandon(5'7) Jonathan Jackson(5'8) and Hiroyuki Sanada (5'7) unless all these people are 2 inch shorter than theyre actual height then you might be accurate. As for his wife, I find her cute, natural looking and sweet looking, she isnt close to ugly. So it's unstandable on why hes with her(not that looks matter, cause it doesnt) but this woman actually looks good, so for her defense. ANd oh yeah, Cillian is gorgeous and talented...cant really go wrong there

Cilly said...

I think Cillian wife really is UGLY, when i look at her i thought that she is Cillian grandma, she is to old, fat, and messy, she is not deserved to be Cillian wife i think, but why do Cillian love her while he can have every girls he like in this whole world, including me :D