Monday, July 07, 2008

Fritz Link

Cracked If your last girlfriend had an IMDB page. Hee
StinkyLulu Supporting Actresses of '39. FWIW I'm a bigger fan of Fitzgerald and DeHavilland than the panelists
<--- The Guardian wonders what other missing silent films might be found --this is in reaction to the über exciting full Metropolis find last week that I forgot to write about. I worry about another version of Metropolis. I've seen so many. Ridley Scott will have to do yet another version of Blade Runner soon or Fritz Lang will totally outpace him by way of all these proxies.
Wanted in 150 words or less.
Richard Bolisay offers another incisive capsule review of that Jolie/McAvoy thrill machine
A Socialite's Life Angelina's brother Haven (haven't seen him in a while) takes Maddox to the hospital to see Angie. Why is it that I am not a gossip person in general but I am always into whatever is going on with Brangelina. It's so ...common... of me ;)
Thompson on Hollywood on The Dark Knight's sequel inflation. Make it BIGGER
Baz Bamigboye Was La Pfeiffer a diva on the set of Chéri? This columnist hears that she was. And is this the first good buzz (the first any kind of buzz for that matter) on Young Victoria?

I haven't quite known how to broach this last subject. It falls under the pot/kettle subcategory of tricky subject matter. But after County Fair and Circus reminded me that Entertainment Weekly has now made a list of the best lists... I feel it's time. EW is smothering me. I can't breathe. It used to be I looked forward to my subscription and occasionally visited their website, too. But between their bi-hourly random and ultra disposable listings (and remember I love lists), their multiple daily e-mails, and this past epic "best everything of the past 25 years" issue, I just feel like covering my ears and singing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" until they wander away defeated by my petulant refusal to succumb to their ubiquitous opinion-making.

I assume the idea is that if they provide more content than anyone could ever read in a week each and every single day of their existence they will drown out the other 50 media giants as well as the more idiosyncratic pop culture pundits (like myself and roughly 349,875 others) as well as entirely mind control the 1,000,000,000 blogs and social network pages wherein people randomly express their opinions of pop culture with their 50-100 closest friends. I get the point of it but I feel like it's sapping my will To List ... and I think you know that ain't right! All things in moderation my friends. If you list too much you get hair on your palms. I heard that somewhere. At this rate the truly special lists -- the "top ten films of the year" and whatnot (I know some people don't like them but I've always thought Lisa Schwarzbaum and Owen Gleiberman were both excellent writers) will be buried in the garbage surrounding them. Who will even notice when the important lists are announced?


Robert said...

And EW has gotten the interweb blogosphere buzzing with their recent 100 New Movie Classics list. Most hate it, but just by metioning it (and getting angry over it) they're giving it credence as something of importance... which it's not.

Another reason for all these lists. No matter what an entertainment newsperson may tell you, making lists is incredibly easy. So, as you said, it's a quick way for them to put out ooodles of content.

matt said...

Personally, I love the lists. Being a list lover/creator/maker yourself, I thought you too might at least enjoy their list. Especially b/c both Moulin Rouge! and Buffy come in at #10 on their respective lists!

It was their 1,000th issue, they had to go big. ...They went huge, but I'm not complaining.

Janice said...

Love that they've found the missing footage from Metropolis - that is cause for celebration! (And a painful reminder of how much remains missing from our cinematic heritage.)

Y'all know that Nicole Kidman gave birth to a baby girl this morning. Yes?

Mariposa said...

Yep, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban ... I like Rose, but Sunday ? Hmz... it's better than Apple, though.


you know. i've always been of the opinion that if you give the child both paren'ts last names than they shouldn't have a middle name.

but it's not my kid so who am I to say ;)

"sunday" sounds cute as a name i think.

MATT -i love that they made the lists. but the problem is that they made so many and that in addition to shoe they make one every day for their website. i just think they are demeaning the value of lists by flooding the market ;) supply and demand people!

Glenn said...

I actually like that they gave her both names. That way if she becomes a singer she can take Kidman and if she becomes an actor she can take Urban but still be identifiable as a Kidman Urban.