Saturday, November 07, 2009

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Nick's Pix is not going to tell you how much he loves the latest Coen Bros, A Serious Man. No way. He won't do it
BuzzSugar Angelina Jolie + Johnny Depp = hottest screen couple ever?
Just Jared But Nicole Kidman + Robert Pattison = urrrgh-aa--well... NO! (at least to me)
Mighty God King Americanized poster of Pirate Radio née The Boat That Rocked sinks
Pop Elegantiarum Film Experience contributor Alexa does Joanie from Mad Men for Halloween. Her husband as Roger Sterling. I love this so much. It's almost as good as dreaming about this weekend's season 3 finale
Low Resolution Joe on Avatar's second trailer "...everything went Ferngully"
My New Plaid Pants but JA is more excited. And not just for that movie. What's left in '09?

The Auteurs What's left to discuss when it comes to Alfred Hitchcock?
The House Next Door Betty White...
...By Ken Levine a brief explanation of how movie determine screen credits. I knew most of this already from a lengthy piece in some magazine (about a disputed case) but if you don't know, it's totally interesting to learn
Go Fug Yourself thanks Juliette Lewis for her consistency, with or without The Licks
Boy Culture
Mariah Carey's moustache. Deglam demystified

Yahoo has a disturbing wrongheaded article on the Original Screenplay category. Thanks to Jose for pointing it out. Every time I read a story (in any year) that claims one category is totally empty... I always think "look harder". There are hundreds and hundreds of films released each year. It's sad that we need them to all be in one genre or of a certain box office profile or in English to consider them awards-worthy. While this article mentions The Hangover and Star Trek as possibilities (Star Trek... yep, how is that "original" when its based on über familiar stories and characters from 30 years of film and television? Especially when something like Before Sunset was considered adapted merely from revisiting characters from one earlier film?) Original Screenplays not mentioned in this strangely tunnel visioned article include: Bright Star (some might consider it adapted but it considers itself original -- probably because it's drawing from so many sources to imagine its historical love story. ), The Hurt Locker, Moon, The White Ribbon, District 9 (based on a short but this category is sometimes flexible), It's Complicated, Broken Embraces and In the Loop (spun off from a series... but if Star Trek is eligible, this should be too. We shall see). Here are my predictions.


Michael said...

Good news,

Kidman's rep said she won't be doing Bel Ami because of scheduling.

Slayton said...

Don't forget A Prophet for original!


Slayton, it won't be eligible since they've weirdly decided not to release it until February


Hi, Nat.

I've seen two of upcoming movie releases in USA for Oscar consideration:

"Police, Adjective", Romania's foreign language submission, is an awful movie, long, boring and... without a message. Believe it or not, I can't believe his success at Cannes. I would give it a 5/10.

"Vincere": A wonderful movie starring an amazing actress, GIOVANNA MEZZOGIORNO. The European Film Awards nominations have snubbed her, but they've nominated "The White Ribbon", "A prophet", "The reader", "Slumdog" and "Broken Embraces", among others.

NicksFlickPicks said...

I'm guessing In the Loop will go down as Adapted for AMPAS, since it's so densely extrapolated from The Thick of It?


so then I guess we have in the could go either way realm:


we'll see.

john said...

Don't know if you already know that Gwyneth Paltrow will star opposite Kidman in 'The Danish Girl'.


i'll believe that when i see it. That cast keeps changing!

Guy said...

Slayton: "A Prophet" is actually an unusual case in that it was adapted from a pre-existing original screenplay, with the original writers given a separate credit. Not sure what the Academy would do with that one.

"In the Loop" will absolutely compete in adapted.

Arkaan said...

In the Loop played on IFC-on Demand, which means it's not competing anywhere. I really hope AMPAS rewrites this rule soon, because changing distribution models really affect things.

Nathaniel, that list you just gave us almost reaffirms their point. Moon, District 9, The White Ribbon and Broken Embraces are weaker screenplay contenders, and would be in any year. Bright Star could slide in, but I consider Jane Campion's gorgeous direction the strong point. The Hurt Locker would be a solid nominee.

I think Summer Hours (ineligible), The Brothers Bloom, and Adoration would be worthwhile nominees. Zombieland wouldn't be a terrible one.

Toto said...

Although Original Screenplay is my favourite Oscar category, I really do not get it. I've always thought that biopics should be considered Adapted (they're based on real people and real events). How can films like Heavenly Creatures, or Milk be original if they're drawing everything from things that have been documented?

Maybe I'm wrong, or maybe I just like watching completely original work win, like Eternal Sunshine, Lost in Translation, American Beauty and Little Miss Sunshine.

Wall-E would've won last year if biopis were considered adapted work.

John O'Neil said...

Nathaniel, are you planning to see "A Serious Man" at some point? I'd be interested to read your thoughts on it.

Glenn said...

"Angelina Jolie + Johnny Depp = hottest screen couple ever?"

I'd much rather watch Charlize Theron and Sam Worthington (the original stars) act sexy with each other than Jolie and Depp. Those two don't seem... right.

Anonymous said...

Depp is my favourite actor and Jolie is my favourite actress, so I'm sooo excited for The Tourist. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd much rather watch Charlize Theron and Sam Worthington (the original stars) act sexy with each other than Jolie and Depp. Those two don't seem... right.
I snored when I read Sam Worthington.

Anonymous said...

Video of Rob Pattison: