Saturday, November 07, 2009

Birthday Suits 11/07

1891 Miriam Cooper silent film star of the DW Griffith wing of Hollywood (Intolerance, Birth of a Nation)
1903 Dean Jagger Oscar winner for the war drama Twelve O'Clock High. Can't say I've seen that one. Anyone?
1923 Gene Callahan started working in feature films in 1960. He'd won two Oscars for Art Direction (The Hustler and America, America) by April, 1964. Quick study, yes? I imagine he had great stories to tell: his first movie scenery was chewed by none other Liz (BUtterfield 8) and Brando (The Fugitive Kind) and he worked right up until his death, closing a fine career out with those Steel Magnolias and Reese Witherspoon's debut Man in the Moon. If you haven't seen the latter, I recommend. Sweet movie and Reese had full star charisma even at 14.

1943 Joni Mitchelloh I could drink a case of you, darling... and I'd still be on my feet
1949 Judy Tenuta Buy her gifts, pigs. If you remember Judy, god bless you for being as old or older than me
1970 Morgan Spurlock Super Size-d his moment, parlaying it for a tv series. Next?
1972 Jeremy and Jason London, hot 90s twins (that's Jason, pictured). I actually think it's rather odd that twin stars are as rare as they are. Aren't twins automatically fascinating? At least on first (and second) impression. I always wonder how casting directors decided which London they wanted since they rarely have acted together. For what it's worth, Jeremy leaned TV (Party of Five and I'll Fly Away) and Jason tilted big screen (Dazed and Confused, To Wong Foo...) in their heyday. Both are still working regularly.


Cal said...

Twelve O'Clock High is unbearably stagy. Jagger is fine but it's one of those lazy prestige pics.

Love Joni Mitchell!


isn't it crazy how lazy prestige pics have been around as long as the movies! ;)

i love Joni too. and a case of you is my favorite song of hers... thus the quoting.

Jeff said...

Agreed on Twelve O'Clock High. If you haven't seen it, you're not missing much.

Rebecca said...

Count me in the Joni love.

Interestingly enough, Jason London replaced Jeremy on the final tv movie that wrapped up I'll Fly Away because Jeremy was unavailable. I'm still waiting for that series to come to DVD, so I can see if my teenage impression of it being amazing still holds.

Arkaan said...

I liked Twelve O'Clock High.

jimmy said...

i heart dean jagger as the generalin"white christmas."

Arlo said...

Judy Tenuta! Haha. I'm definitely younger than you are but I know her from the 90s reboot of Match Game. Also introduced me to Nell Carter, George Hamilton and Vicki Lawrence (well, that and Mama's Family reruns and watching Carol Burnett infomercials late at night for selling tapes of her show).

I was strangely obsessed with watching that as a child. I'm sure I didn't understand everything though. Her and that damn accordian. I think Match Game contributed to my early corruption though; it was quite dirty

I also love Joni, but I think I prefer the song Blue. Case of You is wonderful though.