Friday, November 06, 2009

Pucker Up. It's La Pfeiffer

Kissing. I want to bring this series back. Where is the time?

Someone has recorded my dreams! It's Michelle Pfeiffer's make-out sessions in the movies, compiled by the great pfansite, Pfeiffer the Face

Mmmm, Pfeiffer lips. The only person who doesn't love them is Pfeiffer herself
"I look like a duck"
Head on over to Pfeiffer The Face to vote in the poll for your favorite Pfeifferian smooch.... but someone get Pacino off of her first. He's practically eating her face* in Frankie & Johnny and he wasn't so nice to her in Scarface, either come to think of it.

* In Pacino's defense she is delicious. Even Emma Thompson thinks so. Remember that 90s interview when she was asked who she would like to be paired with if she played a lesbian? [src]
Oh, God, well, lots of women, because I love women so much. I think that because of my masculinity—I would probably put myself with someone very feminine like Michelle Pfeiffer. I find Michelle fantasically attractive. I’m always kind of rushing up to her and kissing her on the mouth because she’s so delicious. She’s soooo delicious.


Michael Parsons said...

Daniel Day Lewis wins it for me. The restraint. HOT!

Jim T said...

Lovely video. Well, that cat licking was the most powerful moment for me.

Victor S said...

Catwoman gets second place for the licking because no one can beat Susie Diamond in a red dress with Jeff Bridges in The Fabulous Baker Boys.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Wow! I had no idea what a great kisser she is, the little nympho siren! A few times it looks as though she may be sucking away their souls. Compelling.

I hate to burst your bubble, because you keep including her in the best actress situation, but CHERIE was so bad. I don't think she is going to get an acting nod this time. Actually no one in that flick should be up for an award.

Chris Na Taraja said...

Maybe sets and costume...peut-etre Cherie.

Chris Na Taraja said...

I know it's cliche, but the Batman lick is still my favorite kiss!

ALEX said...

Cheri was a great, great film¡¡ Great adaptation of Colette¡

I would nominate this film to best picture and Pffeifer deserves Oscar for this¡¡ She is terrific¡¡