Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Curio: Odes to Tippi Hedren

Alexa from Pop Elegantiarum here. Maybe I'm just in Mad Men withdrawal, but lately I've been watching films from the early 60s with a closer eye to the fashion, mores, and themes of the time. After catching Marnie recently, I decided that Tippi Hedren is the closest Betty Draper doppelganger; with Hitchcock she had the same icy model facade hiding an unravelled interior. (Check out this old magazine with Tippi; modeling and horses, how very Betty!) Here are some crafty celebrations of the icon that I'm loving right now.

I really dig this chunky Tippi statement necklace by Melissa Loschy. She literally gives her wings. (And she's made some jewelry odes to Hitchcock, too.)

I especially fell in love with this fantastic Halloween costume awaitingdawn posted recently. A bird attack chapeau! Why didn't I think of that? And if anyone can come up with a Marnie costume idea for next year, let me know. Something involving a horse, perhaps?


JA said...

When I was in college there was this drag queen that performed at the local bar that did a number as Tippi, in a green dress like that, covered with birds, she flopped around and batted at them, all to the tune of Annie Lennox's "Little Bird." It was ASTONISHING.

rosengje said...

One of my film professors has this like insanely special edition Barbie of Tippi Hedren in The Birds. So fabulous. I think there might be a whole collection of Hitchcock leading ladies.

Saturday Nightmares said...

Since you are a big Hitchcock fan and so are your readers. I though you should know that Tippi Hedren will be signing autographs at our next Expo, Saturday Nightmares Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Expo, June 3rd - 5th, we will be also screening The Birds with Q&A and interview with Tippi! Please spread the word, we invite all interested.