Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Are You Hosting an Oscar Party? Read On!

The movie industry's annual back-patting party—also known as The Oscars—begins Sunday, March 7, at 8 pm EST. It'll end, if you're lucky, before Monday, March 8. But never mind their party, let's talk about yours. If you've waited until the last minute to plan, don't fret. You think Quentin Tarantino didn't wing whole chapters of Inglourious Basterds? A little spontaneity can go a long way. See, we've been throwing last minute Oscar parties for a long time. And since we've never learned anything like time management skills, we're now totally accustomed to the frenzy. Even if you have planned ahead (we salute you in Na'vi: "Oel ngati kameie!"), perhaps these party-hosting tips will liven up your current plans.


Before you do anything else, type up the invite. Party of One is only appropriate for infomercials, People's Choice Awards, Porn on Demand, and other embarrassments. Invites should be short, but descriptive of your expectations. Should they bring food? A guest? Don't fuss too much trying to be witty because people will skim the text, especially an Evite. Important note: With viewing parties, "fashionably late" isn't at all fashionable. Maybe end your invite with a stern warning: "Any patron who arrives late will be seated at the discretion of the House Manager."

It's all typed up? Good. Invite more people than you have room for (get cozy), but not so many that you'll be spilling drinks all night and unable to imagine where the television might be. Invite only people with enough sense to shut up if Meryl Streep is speaking. You'll want to hear that.



CrazyCris said...

an Oscar party? I wish!!!

But considering it starts at 3 a.m. on a Sunday night... I don't think I could convince enough people to join in! Then there's the teeny tiny detail that I don't have Canal + so can't watch it at home anyway!!! (and the bars that do have it won't be open on a Sun night).

I'll have to make do with the internet bits and pieces on Monday.

Have Fun!

Peter Chan said...

Am totally stealing some of your food suggestions. All me and my co-party planners have so far are some chocolate bars for 'Up' and some bananas for 'An Education'... Sigh. Don't even get me started on the endless debates of rather kosher graham crackers for 'A Serious Man' are a go.

Anonymous said...

Check #oscarmenu on Twitter for some great/hilarious Oscar party food ideas ;-)

Glendon said...

No party for me per se, but I will be watching it on the big screen at my local theatre which is also selling beer. No doubt a crowd of anonymous (drunk?) film lovers gawking at 22ft tall celebrities will be the best Oscar party I've ever been to.

Robert said...

Great ideas. I've just been doing Oscar parties for a few years but man do I love 'em.

My girl and I homebrew and each year we make a special beer in honor of the Oscar nominees, complete with labels that have pictures of the films.

MrW said...

So let me see if I get this right: As of today, Sandra Bullock is not presenting an Oscar?

How could this happen? After (co-)presenting just about every category at least once in the last dozen or so years, why would she take a break in this of all years?

tony d said...

i'll be liveblogging over at my blog - but i've written up a little drinking game my roommate and i can have fun with

Kim said...

Sigh. I wish my party sounded as awesome as this!

Agustin said...

I have never been to an oscars party and probably never will.
I hate people talking during the awards. My family at home already know this and for my and their health they leave me alone.
It's the only time I ask for this kind of treatment, I'm generally a reasonable person hehe.