Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Link Dimension

it's sci-fi day! Though we won't restrict ourselves to other dimensions for this plus size roundup

Against the Hype omg i this. Lust, Caution's crucial mahjong game's narrative impact decoded for us Westerners.
The Awl converses about A Single Man
Scott Brothers actresses and directors, a neat photogallery
Go Fug Yourself misses Keira Knightley
Sho'Nuff Lives lets it all out before the Oscars
The Big Picture more controversies for The Hurt Locker. Weird that all of these things are happening / being aired after voting has finalized. You'd think those smear campaigns woulda hurried.
my internet... is not having Mildred Pierce remake
fourfour Crazy Heart in 3 sec/∞
BuzzSugar Kidman tries a romcoms again

Vulture Avatar satire cut from Oscars? Well, if you remember James Cameron's freakout at a critic who didn't love Titanic you'll know he's very sensitive.
The New Yorker the oft hilarious Anthony Lane on the rise of 3-D
Boing Boing god bless futuristic technology. Have you heard Roger Ebert get an approximation of his voice back?
i09 "Battle Angel Alita" plot details
/Film Space Invaders movie in development. They're just paying for the title I guess. There isn't a story. Not one that I remember at least. But I was more a Robotron person in my quarter slotting days
Loyal KNG like the new Prince of Persia trailer?

And god bless futuristic technology. Have you heard beloved critic Roger Ebert get an approximation of his voice back?

Yes! Kathy Bates, Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal, Charlize Theron
Duh, of course Queen Latifah, Barbra Streisand (if she gets to do best picture again... i'm going to scream. I love early Babs but spread the f***in wealth, Oscar), John Travolta (no wait, it'll be Travolta. Blargh), Sam Worthington
Huh... but interesting Tom Ford, Keanu Reeves (I bet he presents Best Actress)
Really? Jason Bateman, Gerard Butler
I get it. But I feel nothing Bradley Cooper, Samuel L. Jackson, Tyler Perry, Chris Pine, Ryan Reynolds
Again? When so many people never have Ben Stiller
It's the Oscars EMMYs Steve Carell, Tina Fey
Oscar is that old man who bought a red sports car and pierced one ear trying to look young Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart

<-- Though I've read on several sites that last year's winners Sean Penn, Kate Winslet and Penélope Cruz will appear, the list above is on the Oscars site. Does this mean they've chucked the tradition of previous opposite sex acting winners presenting. Sniffle. I loved that. Here I was hoping for a Winslet "I love my life" Jeff Bridges moment... given that she's already expressed immense love for that movie. I thought last year's acting presentation was just a short break from one of Oscar's oldest traditions.


James T said...

Was that the complete list? No one else?

Ryan T. said...

When they announced that last year's winners were invited to present, I thought they got rid of the "5 people to present acting" categories, but looking at the list... Jake can talk about his sister, Keanu about Sandra, Stewart to Kendrick, Ford for Firth (or Costume! OMG!)...

Okay so that's all I came up with, but you never know. If we see Ben Affleck up there (for Matt Damon) then, we'll see...


there's also been talk that they'll still have multiple presenters for acting but "friends" of the nominees will speak.

this seems problematic because isn't that kind of harsh. you talk about your friend and then watch them lose in 4 cases out of 5.

SamIAm said...

Can't wait for the "Mildred Pierce" miniseries! The original wasn't all that to begin with, so a revision isn't out of order. I have faith in the people behind the scenes too (TODD HAYNES!).

Deus Ex Machina said...
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Deus Ex Machina said...

Okay, so you have Babs, Kathy Bates, Charlize and Kate so far? I think they're in for a "Welcome to the club kind of thing" again, Don't you think? Why would they otherwise ask Kathy Bates to present anything? They're not that kind to aging actresses who nowadays do nothing but measly supporting roles in so-so movies to present a whole award on their own. I'm curious about who's gonna be the 5th actress to present tho. I say get Marlee Matlin.

Bill said...

Tina Fey & Steve Carrel have a new movie coming out in April. I am sure the studio pulled some strings to get them on show.

NoNo said...

Yeah, I don't like the multiple presenter thing either unless you do it every 5 years or something. It sort of takes the magic out of it. Plus the friends thing just seems wrong.

How awkward would the presentation of anyone from Twilight/Kendrick would be? Plus, I don't think Kristen Stewart, Keanu Reeves hold the same weight as Sophia Loren and Robert DeNiro. Let's get Tina Fey to present Best Picture while we're at it!

Fernando Moss said...

Fran Drescher auditioning for Avatar

Kym said...

Knightley looks absolutlety gorgeous and i miss her so much!!!

I cant wait to see her play a batsh1t crazy actress opposite Colin Farell; French-kissing Guillaume Canet and bitch-fighting with Carey Mulligan.

And people say she has no range...

Iggy said...

Weren't Tarantino and Almodóvar presenting Best Foreign Language Film, too? That's an odd couple I'd like to see and listen to (= Almodóvar's attempt at something similar to English + Tarantino's verbal overflow).

Also, even though this might cost me some minus points from my gayness card, I've never got to understand the love for Barbra Streisand.

notanotherblog said...

I agree, SamIAm, the Mildred Pierce remake is gonna be awesome. I hate haters so much, especially haters who don't know that some classic adaptations don't follow their source material. Grr.


Iggy... the solution to all problems of not getting Streisand is seeing FUNNY GIRL. That Oscar was SO deserved.

Andrew R. said...

I'm so happy for Roger Ebert, I read his reviews!

Rose said...

It seems a little silly that they would eliminate a show sketch so as not to hurt James Cameron's feelings. But I'm glad they did anyway solely because it sounds pretty stupid and not funny. . . at all.

Anonymous said...

Keira Knightley is scary skinny.

Terry said...

According to what I have read around Keanu Reeves will present Sndra Bullock; Sean Penn will present Hellen Mirren, Stanley Tucci Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey Gabey Sidibe.

ShoNuff Lives said...

i'm hoping keanu gives out the visual effects award. neo to avatar & all that.

and iggy, after you watch "funny girl" (or don't, depending on whether you enjoy musicals or not), check out "what's up doc?". you'll laugh yourself silly.

Glenn Dunks said...

Deus ex Machina, Kathy Bates could simply be "presenting" The Blind Side as a nominee.

I liked the way they did the presenting last year, but all these weird friends and random mix-match combinations that people are saying are going to happen are all crazy. DO NOT WANT. Go back to the old way if you're gonna do it like last year.

Who wants to bet that Queen Latifah presents either Best Original Song or Best Animated Feature?!? She and Cameron Diaz seem to alternate each year for who gets to present those two categories. For reals.

The idea of getting Babs to present Best Director seems almost too... presumptuous. Like, "lets get Barbra, the most well-known female director to present to the first ever female winner!" Still, any chance to see her on stage again is okay by me.

Isn't the Carell/Fey thing way too Golden Globes for the Oscars

Dan said...

Wow, a Film Experience link! Very exciting. Loving the coverage as always.

S said...

Maybe Keanu Reeves is just going to introduce"The Blind Side"... Still hopes to see Meryl winning!

Lucky said...

The "friends of the nominees" thing never seemed like a good idea to me. So, sure, Morgan Freeman, George Clooney and Meryl Streep must know a lot of people in the Academy, but what about Christoph Waltz, Gabby Sidibe, Carey Mulligan or Anna Kendrick? It'd be kinda sad to see their directors present them.

chris na Taraja said...

OMG What happened to Roger Ebert!? I grew up on Siskel and Ebert, remember that? One of my favorate shows as a kid.

ClaudeMedwenitsch said...

I say NO NON NEIN to Funny Girl! The story is completely forgettable, 2/10!
HAHAHA! (mad scientist laugh)

ClaudeMedwenitsch said...

I say NO NON NEIN to Funny Girl! The story is completely forgettable, 2/10!
HAHAHA! (mad scientist laugh)