Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Curio: How to Be Na'vi

It's Sci-Fi Day here at the Film Experience. 4 Days until Oscar

Alexa here. I have to admit that I will spend most of Oscar night rooting against Avatar. Despite the amazing view, I had trouble seeing past the clunky dialogue and metaphysical clichés. That said, Avatar seems to have inspired a hell of a lot of people out there (even Oprah is on the bandwagon). So here's some help for those of you dying to take a trip to Pandora yourself.

If you want to see your own Na'vi doppelgänger, you can have a custom portrait made (although with adequate Photoshop skills you can probably do this yourself). My Magic Me charges $16. Is it just me, or does this kid already look like he is from another planet?

The Photo Lab charges $25 to see your Na'vi self, but you get all kinds of Pandora atmosphere for your extra money:

Instead of a mere image, why not transform yourself? Follow this example on the makeup and accessories (with a handmade choker here and feathers here), and you'll be ready for your own initiation ceremony. And afterwards you can wash off your avatar with this trippy Pandora soap.

As for the correct pronunciation of "eywa ngahu," sorry, I can't help you.



I was actually JUST trying to make someone Na'vi on Photoshop and you'll see the sorry results later on.

But I think I need this soap. I like sparkly things.

ShoNuff Lives said...

i see you

Walter L. Hollmann said...

West Side Story was on TCM the other night, and I was absolutely jarred by the sudden Avatar moment.

"Do you see me?"
"I see you."
"See only me..."

And then "Tonight, Tonight". Now, my Photoshop skills are non-existent, but someone simply *has* to Na'vi this up.