Sunday, March 07, 2010


What Will Carey Wear?
If any actress this year has been prepped to be a new fashion icon, it's Carey Mulligan. This has more than a little to do with "star is born!" hoopla (more than hype) and "next Audrey Hepburn" nonsense (such pressure!). Even if her clothes don't always fit (as the Fug Girls have griped) She's had quite An Education in red carpet this past year. I imagine the pressure is on to be the Best Dressed Best Actress at the Oscars tonight.

I bet if you pie chart her color choices these past several months black is incredibly dominant, with red being a close second. So I'm guessing she plays it sleek/safe tonight. Which is fine. I'm just hoping the future performances don't play it like that. Go for the gold every time, Carey.

I'm so looking forward to her next few years. She's already wrapped shooting on two 2010 pictures: the sequel Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (I'm hoping they don't try to sell us on "Greed is Good" again. Bitter pill considering...) and the dramatic literary adaptation Never Let Me Go.

Most Likely To Return To the Kodak in Feb/March 2011?


Aleks said...

You know, I haven't seen An Education so I can't comment on her acting, but that black and white number she's wearing in that 4 piece picture you have up top is gorgeous! Now I'm gonna be waiting for her on the red carpet tonight.

Also, such a great haircut. She needs that short short hair to show off her adorable ultra feminine face. I'm jealous.


Aleks -- I agree that it's an amazing dress but i do wonder about whether it's too old for her. Something about it was offputting even though when i look at it i love it.

maybe it's just that it's hard to wear in reality when it has to set off against busy backgrounds and crowd scenes and red carpets? i dunno

Carl said...

I like her in the red on the far left. Less likely, I think, to look like a drowned rat in a downpour, just in case...

I have to ask...has the bandwidth narrowed so much as to officially end the "We Can't Wait" series and the "Actress Psychic" experiment?

G said...

I hope she doesn't return next season. I'm sick of Oscar's PYT obsession. I wish that current TV stars like Glenn Close,Anna Paquin, and Holly Hunter would do a great movie and get another Oscar nod. The academy needs to honor more actress who are like Jeff Bridges;nominated a lot but never honored with a statue.


Carl... i obviously need to hire someone (how to do that without a profit?) to run things. i'm not good at the back end tech stuff.

the blog is free but everything else costs money. (sigh)

DJ said...

Actually Carey is NOT in Brighton Rock... she dropped out of the project to do Wall Street instead.

And I've been incredibly dulled by her dress choices thus far.... and the number she wore to the Baftas is far too "granny" looking.

Nel said...

Don't know what it is about her but she leaves me feeling 'meh'?But I think her fan boys love her as she is the perfect mix of waif come mother.

Her performance in an Education was solid but some one like Romola Garai could have easily pulled off a performance like that.

Also the pixie cut does nothing for her, it actually ages her and the blonde, no, no and no.

Dress wise, she needs to think less is more as she has no figure, she needs to think Keira Knightly (and yes I do like Keira Knightly).

She will probably do a Globes and go for something classic, the Bafta number was just wrong.

Since she is British I do wish her the best but she is never going to be a Kate Winslet in my eyes (in personality or talent)

Nel said...

Also never mind Cary - What will Meryl wear seems the more obvious question. I love La Streep but her Boho-walmart style has me worried.

Hayden said...

Carey Mulligan pissed Anna Wintour off because she suggested that Carey wear a short dress to the Oscars. Mulligan reportedly told Wintour that she didn't need any dress tutoring. "I was like 'No, that wasn't what I was thinking when I was six years old.'"

DJ said...

She does have a good role in Never Let Me Go (and what's sure to be a BP contender), but her character is very passive and repressed... not something they usually go for. Plus when was the last time a young actress got lead-nom'd back to back?

There are quite a bit of lead performances coming up for young actresses this year: Anne, Natalie, Carey, Mia, etc.. but as we saw this year, only two got in and both were relatively unknown to say the least.

Jose said...

The Vionett she wore to the BAFTAs is by far my fave look of this red carpet season, followed closely by the orgasmic Lanvin she wore to the SAG awards.
Have you seen how her dresses flow when she walks?
I'm sure she'll look like a princess tonight.
I hope she wins, not only because she's the best of the bunch, but because Oscar is always the best accessory.

Anonymous said...

well, at least she didnt play safe at those awards, she didnt wear black once, so I am happy for the color.

I keep reading reviews for Never Let me Go and they say she is the best thing in the film, so finger crossed, she could come back this year :)

But I do think the poor thing its pretty tired by now, she has been promoting since October.

Bernardo said...

Ooo I didn't know about Never Let me Go. Trust me. 1 year before... she's getting nominated for that role.