Wednesday, September 01, 2010

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Kenneth in the (212) Fun couples at the Emmys. I hadn't seen some of these photos. Cute!
Just Jared The new cast of Dancing with the Stars. I don't watch it but I do find it amusing in a meta way that Jennifer Grey of Dirty Dancing fame will compete.
/Film Dozens of new photos from The Social Network

popbytes I so wish I was in Venice right now for Black Swan.* (yes more on this later today) In a perverse way I hope that Darren Aronofsky does take that X-Men Origins: Wolverine sequel.
The Playlist I forgot to mention that someone finally gave primo scene-stealer Ari Graynor a lead role. That someone was David Gordon Green. I guess he's just smarter than other directors.
USA Today Lindsay Lohan talking to Vanity Fair. She claims she's still a "damn good actress." You always were Linds so prove it again. You can't keep resting on 1998-2004.
Pop Eater Sofía Vergara's boyfriend is in politics? Huh, who knew.
Movie|Line ewwww. the bedbug epidemic has reached Toronto. Will it hurt the Film Festival?

Late tonight... the next episode of Hit Me With Your Best Shot features A Face in the Crowd. Are you joining in?

Robyn doing Björk whilst Björk watches. No pressure or anything.

"Hyperballad" is such a goodie.


James T said...

I am too much of a "normal way of singing" fan to ever love Bjork but I really liked this song (I also heard the original).

But I also loved her in Dancer in the Dark. Her singing, too. It was a movie; I needed personality more than "nice sounds".

Jose said...

OMG that just made my day. Robyn can make me cry and dance with any song and choosing my favorite Bjork song feels as if she did it just to move me hahaha.
Yes, I'm conceited that way.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

oh em gee, Margaret Cho on DWTS? Will I actually have to start watching on the regular? Probably not, but I will root for her from the sidelines!

Volvagia said...

Sad about the Reznor score on The Social Network. It'll make what's already a hard sell to the Academy even harder, yet, paradoxically, help sell it a bit more to the general public and critics.

Anonymous said...

Roby (L) Bjork :)

Anonymous said...

Roby (L) Bjork :)

OtherRobert said...

I can't tell if Bjork is close to crying or struggling not to roll her eyes or roll Robyn off the stage at the end. It's a tough call. I like this arrangement of the song, but I don't like Robyn on the vocal. It was just out of her range at the big sweeping parts. The vocal should be howling in the chorus, not whispering.

Anonymous said...

You've heard the Disco Sync remix for Hyperballad, right? Awesomeness.

Volvagia said...

So I think that's two of your predictions gone. 1. The Kids Are Alright. It needed at least a $40 million domestic gross, if not more. So far it's grossed proportionally at most 1/2 of what it needed. 2. The Social Network. A rock score hasn't been nominated for original score and an original rock score hasn't been in a Best Picture nominee. The name Trent Reznor dooms this project's Best Picture chances. Replacements: The Tourist is an obvious one now that it's scheduled for 2010. And I think True Grit is secured a slot. (With 10, I wouldn't have been flabbergasted if Burn After Reading would have made it, because all of the supporting actor trio were probably in the Academy's top ten, along with Marsan and Bill Irwin.)

Troy said...

Thanks for paying tribute to one of the best songs of all time :-) !