Sunday, September 05, 2010

Susan & Eva

Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri in 198? and in 2010

The picture on the left I just found in a old box from my parent's house. Was it from a Rolling Stone or a Premiere? I do not know. I'm guessing it's from 1988ish... Eva's just a wee toddler. The picture on the right is from the Emmys one week ago. (Eva turned 25 earlier this year). Hug your little loved ones right this instance. Before you know it they'll be taller than you.

I thought Eva was quite good in The Life Before Here Eyes (2007) but I haven't seen much of her work. Did anyone catch her on Californication... verdict? At any rate, she's got plenty of time to make her mark.

Susan had only done 3 films and a few TV roles at Eva's age. Sarandon's mega career was a gradual uphill walk rather than a meteoric rise. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) hit when she was 29 years old but even that wasn't really the key; the midnight movie classic was a famously a late bloomer.

We'll see Sarandon next in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps as Shia Labeouf's mom and then in the Duplass brothers Cyrus follow up Jeff Who Lives at Home. Amurri has the lead role in the upcoming horror flick Isolation.


Michael said...

Michael Douglas and Carey Mulligan are obviously big Sarandon fans.

Susan and Carey starred together in "The Greatest."
Susan and Michael starred together in "Solitary Man."
Susan, Michael, and Carey are all in "Wall Street 2."

And all have come back pretty close to each other. A lot of time with Susan Sarandon!

vg21 said...

I saw Eva in a House episode she guest starred in and I thought she was pretty impressive. I'll be very interested in her career, I think she has great potentials.

It's also refreshing to read that at 25 a woman in Hollywood still has plenty of time to prove themselves and become huge names :).

Leah said...

I thought Eva was really good in SAVED!.

Anonymous said...

too bad she did not inherit her mom's great cans.

Lucky said...

can we please talk about Saved!?

OtherRobert said...

Eva was hysterical in an Attack of the Show parody of Avatar. She played opposite of host Olivia Munn in the trailer for Thelma & Louise II: Avatars of Pandora. It's a hoot.

Cluster Funk said...
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Cluster Funk said...

@OtherRoberts - That was priceless.

Eva has turned out very pretty, and her "cans" are just fine, too.

Glenn said...

Yes, she was hilarious in Saved!

Jesse said...

Her turn in Californication was great. "Cans" in major role - she plays a college writing student of Duchovny's who pays her way through school working as a stripper. More than one moment of "God, she reminds me of another actress, when she was young, running around in her bra & underwear, maybe singing musical numbers?" :) There's more than a little of her mother's fire in her - but it's still a work in progress. Much improved upon from the first time I saw her, in that god awful thing with Sarandon & Goldie Hawn as old groupies.

Guess you have two reasons to check out Californication now, Nate - Kathleen Turner AND Eva Amurri!