Friday, May 13, 2005

cannes you believe it? (pt 2)

Manohla and A.O. Scott are blogging Cannes (linked in the title above). They both found things to praise in Last Days The Kurt Cobain piece by the aesthetically resurgent Gus Van Sant. And A.O. Scott joins Mike D'Angelo in getting Woody Allen fans hopes up super-high yet again. Everyone seems to think that Matchpoint is a true return to form for the ancient previously genius filmmaker. I couldn't be more enthused. No seriously, you can't see me but I am doing cartwheels in between sentences. Later I even plan to consume alcohol!

In other Cannes news: Here's a link to an ionarts blog entry on one of the greatest movie stars ever and from anywhere, Catherine Deneuve. And as a reminder, Mike D'Angelo is also blogging the Gallic festival... though since I'm mentioning him right after the Deneuve-love, I should also remind that he's more of a Sylvie Testud kinda guy.


adam k. said...

Why couldn't Kate Winslet have stuck with Match Point? Urg. She and Woody would've been magic together. I bet it could've finally been her "oscar" film. But maybe then it'll get Scarlett her first nom finally. We know the globes will go for her.

Anonymous said...

I'm also thoroughly depressed that Kate ended up pulling out from this project but I love Scarlett as well and Woody was apparently so impressed with her work in the film that he went so far as to call her "the best actress of her generation" and has cast her in his next film already.

I'm just hoping this "return to form" buzz is really true. We've heard it multiple times before and it's never been delivered entirely. I'm hopeful but cautious. If all else fails, maybe there's some steamy scenes between Scarlett and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (mmmmm.)

Anonymous said...

Apparently David Lynch has a new movie screening this year at Cannes that he has secretly been working on for the last 2 years! It has Laura Dern, Harry Dean Stanton, Justin Theroux (he of the 12-pack stomach) and Jeremy Irons, it's called "INLAND EMPIRE" (apparently the capitals are meant to be like that) and it's about "a woman in trouble. It's a mystery" and that's all he'll say and he has demanded all posters be covered until the film premiers.