Thursday, May 05, 2005

Theatrical Panic

Normally I love handicapping the Tony Awards nominations which are announced next week --but this year, despite seeing more theater than ever, I have somehow fumbled in the last weeks of the season and have missed recently opening shows like Sweet Charity, Spamalot!, that spelling bee musical, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Pillow Man. The fact that I actually had choice seats to one of those and stillmissed the show is a tiny snapshot reminder of how f***ed up things have been in the personal-life-we-shall-not-discuss-for-fear-of-being-called-a-drama-queen-again.

For a theater enthusiast like myself being responsible for a peculiarly empty seat in an otherwise crowded house is pretty embarrassing. Not that anyone would know who was responsible. Or that anyone would even notice if the house was full. Or would they...Are any stage actors reading? Do you notice the empty seats in a sea of people? Is that glass half full or half empty?


Anonymous said...

Oh Dear, I hope my drama queen question hasn't sent you into therapy.

Being a fellow NY'er theatre lover, I think the glass has been half full, half empty, but perhaps in a slightly different way then you are thinking.

With rare exception, few shows are selling to capacity, but when was the last time we had so many shows on Broadway? Indeed, almost every single theatre has a tenant. That may of course change by summer's end, but for the time being, we should rejoice in that fact.

All in all, I think its been a pretty good year, particularly for plays. I loved the revivals of STREETCAR and WOOLF, and DOUBT is great (though a little over rated) and PILLOWMAN is supposedly astonishing (I'm seeing that Saturday).

But yes, Nate, you should get your fanny into a Broadway show soon. I'm sure fans of your website will take a particular interest in your thoughts on Movie Actress turned Broadway Gypsy -- Christina Applegate in SWEET CHARITY.

Anonymous said...

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