Sunday, May 22, 2005

"Truck Stop Theogony"

The following is an advertisement for "a choral reading of an epic poem" which happens to be written by my best friend (it's brilliant, he's brilliant. therefore you should go) -thus its improbable appearance on this here movie & theater blog:

The Writer's Voice Reading Series Presents:

"The pump attendant was a girl whose job -
Or rather whose entire existence -was
To fill the bellies of the gods with gas"

'With sixteen wheelers as gods and a Wyoming gas station as the gods' Olympus, "The Truck Stop Theogony," tells the story of the Pump Girl, a servant destined to undo the world and unleash "love's deadly disaese." Jon Jensen's epic spoof mixes Greek, Hindu, and Judeo-Christian myths with Mormon oral histories. In form, it combines the blank verse of Milton and the twang of Country Western. The poem seeks to reenvision faith and love in a world where "gods and men, machines alike, all run on power borrowed, stolen, bought or bled" '

Thursday, June 9th, 2005
8:00 PM
the George Washington Lounge @ the West Side YMCA
5 W 63rd Street (Between Central Park West & Broadway)
Admission Free & Open to the Public / Wine will be served


Anonymous said...

I know this is completely off topic but, well, I live in Australia so I can't go anyway.

From an article I read today...

"Even when making films in English, many of the auteurs in the Cannes competition are hard sells in America, from Van Sant ("Last Days") to Egoyan ("Where the Truth Lies") to von Trier, whose "Manderlay," a provocative sequel to "Dogville," lacks the star power of Nicole Kidman and might not play in the U.S. at all."


It's times like this that I remember we got "Dogville" 4 months before you guys in 2003 and that I'm sure we'll get this one similarly just as early.

But then I remember that we didn't get "Elephant" until a year later (and "Gerry" a year and a half later) than you guys.


dpaste said...

So Jensen has blogger friends. Interesting. I know him through yoga. Yes, THAT yoga. I'll be there.