Monday, May 30, 2005


I suppose I ought to tell you that I'm on the road (or in the sky as the case may be) on an off lately --thus the widening gap between posts. I really want to talk about my experience at the Drive-In last night (Yes, Michigan still has 'em) but I need access to my actual computer to do so. Visuals, don't you know? So you'll have to be patient.


Anonymous said...

I live in Michigan. Where abouts in Michigan did you go for a drive-in theater? I know the Ford is still open.

Anonymous said...

nathaniel PLEASE PLEASE when you get back update your site more. Reviews, screening log, awards pages, older top 10 lists --> there have barely been any updates at all, and since your site is my favorite on the whole internet that makes me sad. anything you have to say on current and older films please put it on the site! thanks so much


anonymous -Went to the Ford Wyoming I think. I don't know... they all look the same to me.

mike -soon. i hear you. technical difficulties

Roberto Iza Valdés said...
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