Monday, May 16, 2005

La Pfeiffer: Still Teasing Us

I won't be holding my breath for the just announced I Could Never Be Your Woman because if I held my breath everytime a new Pfeiffer vehicle was announced I would have died of asphyxiation long ago.

At any rate. This new Amy Heckerling romantic comedy could be Pfeiffer's anxiously awaited return --or not. Past films that were supposed to have that glory include Coraline, Chasing Montana, Taming Ben Taylor, Liberating Paris, and She's Gone all of which were missing either a) Pfeiffer committing or b) a greenlight or c) a male co-star. Which leads me to two questions:

A) Does she really want to come out of retirement?
B) Do the studios not realize what a great movie star she is?
this question is rhetorical --I already know the answer
C) Do male co-stars hate working with her... or do they just hate taking second billing?