Monday, June 06, 2005

enough about you...'s MY birthday. Express your love through comments or gifts.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Rogers.

I have been reading your wonderful articles for almost three years. I cannot live without you anymore.

Long live thefilmexperience and Nat King Rogers.

Happy birthday,

Marcelo - Brazil.

John T said...

Nathaniel, have a wonderful birthday-your site is one of my faves and I've been a fan of it since the 2001 Oscar races. Keep up the great work and enjoy yourself.

adam k. said...

I also have been a fan of you and yours since the 2001 oscars! 2001 is still my favorite year for film, out of all the years I've paid attention. Ah, memories. And I believe it was an article of yours about Moulin Rouge and/or Hedwig that got me hooked on the site. Since then, the love affair has mostly remained hot and steamy. Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHANIEL!! We all love you and we love your site (we are out here, believe it or not, waiting for everything little thing you write.) And you are very much missed over at the OscarWatch Forums, I assure you. I hope the great and fabulous FiLM BiTCH gets everything he wants on his birthday and then some. Enjoy yourself!

Peace and Love,

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! You will always be one of my favorite and most influential online film critics/cinephiles!

Joe R. said...

Happy birthday! Yours is still my favorite movie-related site on the Net (I think I've said this to you before). You tap into the half of me that wants to worship the movies (as opposed to the other half that wants to snark on them) and you rock for that.

And here's hoping you find that one movie to truly obsess over this year. Doesn't sound like you've found it yet. It's always more fun when there's a Moulin Rouge or Far From Heaven in play.

Anonymous said...

OK, it's officially no longer your birthday, but HAPPY WAS-YOUR-BIRTHDAY for yesterday!


Anonymous said...

I already said happy birthday...!

But will again (you deserve it)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May 2046 be release any day now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nat,

I've been a fan of yours since you counted jump rope for me in 7th grade gym class. Well, okay, we didn't actually become friends until later.

Anyway, I thought of you on your birthday, and I hope all is well.



Ahhhhhhhh so long since we've spoken! Please e-mail me with phone # and I promise to call

Anonymous said...

Dear Nathaniel,
Happy Birthday,
I've been your fan since 2000.
It's always a pleasure to visit your site and to read your articles.
Wish you the best!!!

Mirko S.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, gorgeous. It couldn't have happened to a better person.

Are you old enough to vote now? ;-)

Anonymous said...

OK, so it's a day late. Sunk in the Yorkshire Dales as I am it takes a while to catch up sometimes. Hope you had a truly madly deeply wonderfully Happy Birthday.

adam k. said...

Just thought you'd like to know that I'm also a Luke man. I too voted for the Dagobah training... one part of the movies that I remember getting me kinda hot and bothered when I first saw the trilogy as a preteen. So just warning you, Luke ain't yours without a fight!