Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Movie Deprived

So depressed tonight. Just can't seem to find the time for cinema these past couple of months. There is so much out there I haven't seen.

On my "need to see" list (and why I want to see them) and currently playing in Manhattan:
Me You and Everyone We Know, (the prizes), Elevator to the Gallows (58) (Jeanne Moreau) , War of the Worlds (I'm a masochist... i don't know) , Herbie: Fully Loaded (La Lohan), Slutty Summer (i am so very gay), Monster in Law (Fonda), Layer Cake (love me some Daniel Craig), Lords of Dogtown (loved Catherine Hardwicke's last feature, thirteen), Crash (it got way more attention than I figured it would), Cinderella Man (Oscarbait masochism.)

On my "why didn't you see that dumbass!?!" list and no longer around by the time I make it to the theater:
The Holy Girl, Or, Dallas 362and Mysterious Skin(Which I felt like I should give a second chance to)

I feel like a smoker who kicked the habit but still thinks about lighting up constantly. DVDs are a different kind of fix but maybe I'll watch one.


Anonymous said...

Movies currently out that I want to see: Batman Begins, War of the Worlds, Herbie: Fully Loaded, Peaches (aussie movie with Hugo Weaving and Jacqui McKenzie from the director for the downright excellent The Interview) and A Good Woman. However I do want to see Monster-in-Law but that isn't out yet.

I haven't been to the movies in a few weeks. Been too busy with school (the last 2 weeks of the semester are always the busiest!), work and my friend who came down from Sydney and is now going away for another 6 months to New Zealand.

I really did like "Crash", but as I said originally, I am not sure whether you'd like it. Too... unsubtle? I don't know what word I'm trying to think of.


Anonymous said...

"The Holy Girl"'s come and gone from NYC already? I don't think it was ever released even down here in Washington!

Anonymous said...

I sympathize as well with your lack of movie viewings. However I hope dearly that you have some time to get cracking on the 1/2 year Oscar reports! Your opinion is highly valued, even if the article isn't as well formatted or written as you might like. So get it done! Keep up this awesome site :)

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed...

Watch those films immediately. Write your reviews immediately. Feed me immediately.

Marcelo - Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nat, did you check out the Toronto film fest selections? Aren't they weird? I am trying to look up the Venice selections ... no luck there. Post some info, if you can get hold of any, along with your delicious accoutrements. KD

Anonymous said...

jake, update your blog. You have one post!

Joe R. said...

It's tough to stay on top of the films in theatres in the early part of the year, I find. It's always easier to put them off because, you figure, you'll still get to see them on DVD before awards season is over (at least, that's my rationale sometimes). Plus, when the films as a whole aren't so good? ehh.