Wednesday, June 29, 2005

once more into the beach

Movie Deprived pt. 2

Soooo...Cabo was lovely but, having excessively pale skin, I was slathered in sunblock 30-45 the whole time and I only got a little color ---you can see in the pic in my profile but then, there's kind of an orange tint going on there which is more of the Mi Casa restaurant candle vibe than my own melatonin-challenged skin.

And last week I'm at Jones (less sunscreen) and this weekend maybe Sandy Hook as part of the 4th of July festivities. So, lots of sun this summer. Movie theater darkness, not so much. Drat! Yes I have my free will but it's hard to resist friends, weekend getaways, sun, sand, beaches, etc... Hopefully the movies will still love me when I get back to them. I've been so unfaithful.

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