Saturday, November 18, 2006

Say What? Morgan

Thanks for amusing us with captions and dialogue to this still from 10 Items Or Less starring Morgan Freeman. The winner is snowleopard

Come to think of it this post definitely looks like a 'Mr. Daisy''s a little... flowery, if you catch my drift.

ohh... it's late and I've been staring at Daniel Craig for hours. my apologies. we love you Morgan.


Steven said... how many of you really voted for Clive Owen for Supporting Actor instead of me?

Woodstock said...

Morgan: Yeah, my next role ain't the sarcastic bitter sidekick of some dumb grumpy old white man!

People: HURRAY!!!

ralch said...

Morgan saaaays... smile like fools! Good. Morgan saaaaaays... raise your caps! Very goood... Morgan saaaays... sniff each other's armpits!

vince said...

MR: Who thinks Hilary Swank ain't the only one looking good after "Million Dollar Baby."

ralch said...

You know what, folks? You have convinced me... First I thought you were nuts thinking me God coz' Bruce Almighty... but I now see it's true: I AM GOD!

ralch said...

Oh... the others respond:

Hail, Morgan! Hail, Morgan!


Matteo said...

Three Cheers for Morgan NOT narrating!!!

Anonymous said...

Morgan: Okay, everyone raise their hand who thinks my Oscar was for everything BUT Million Dollar Baby?

And (since it's supposed to be under 10 words)

Morgan: Who's ready for me to stop phoning it in?


Morgan: Who wants to bask in my omnipotence? (apologies for any mispellings on that)

BTW, this is PoliVamp

Kamikaze Camel said...

How many want me to stop making so many movies. Oh... so no more Lucky Number Slevins?

TheSnowLeopard said...

Morgan: How much taller did you feel before you met ME?

TheSnowLeopard said...

Morgan: Who wants to be first driving Mr. Daisy?