Monday, November 02, 2009

Mother and Child No Longer Up For Adoption

Sony Pictures Classics announced today that they've picked up the TIFF hit Mother and Child starring Annette Bening, Naomi Watts, Samuel L Jackson and Kerry Washington. The Rodrigo García adoption drama prompted more than one pundit to declare that The Bening would most definitely be back in the Best Actress Oscar race. But the press release makes no promises about when SPC would be showing off their new bundle to the public.

<--- Her Hotness Kerry Washington and Shady Naomi Watts work it out in San Sebastian, promoting Mother and Child

Sadly we'll have to assume it's not for another year (sigh... All these movies completed and placed on shelves). After all, SPC is already octomom of the Oscars for 2009. So very fertile they are. Eldest children include: An Education, Moon and Coco Before Chanel. But there's a whole litter about to drop (and now I promise I'll quit with this pregnant metaphor): The White Ribbon, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Broken Embraces and The Last Station.

A few readers have noticed the absence of "The Bening" from the blog this year. I have no idea why she hasn't piped in or what's going on with her. Maybe her stage work has been keeping her busy but she hasn't been on the red carpet as much as usual and she wasn't on the festival ride with Mother and Child either. Kerry, Naomi and Samuel did starpower duty in San Sebastian and Toronto but there's nothing quite like having Hollywood royalty at big premieres. Mr. Beatty and The Bening were missed. At least by obsessives like me.

In fact, one of the most recent non-set photos I could find of Annette on Zimbio was 12 whole months ago for a stage reading of All About Eve. But, old photo or no, I LOVE it.

Intentionally or not, she's totally replaying her bitchtastic Being Julia climax, blocking co-star Keri Russell's limelight with a swirl of her extra fabric. Hee. I love The Bening so muchly but every once in awhile I need these reminders. Can't wait to see her back in action... whenever that may be.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Although AAE is untouchable I would have loved to see Annette/Julia Lambert. And I must say I love to see your unabated love for Bening. It's become so rare in these parts.

And Kerry Washington is delicious, though Naomi is no slouch herself.

gabrieloak said...

I really liked this film but I think it will play even better on the small screen. Bening and Watts are both very good.

I wish someone would pick up Love and Other Impossible Pursuits because I'm still thinking of Natalie Portman's performance in that film.

Anonymous said...

What is AAE?

Stefano said...

(All About Eve, I suppose...)

I'm very happy this film has found an American distributor! I can't wait to see the Bening back on the Oscar race (although we'll have to wait until next year)... really hope this will finally be the time for the Golden Boy.
Go Annette!!!

Alex said...

It was probably unintentional, but that photo looks like it could've been a shot out of "All About Eve" :)

Kurtis O said...

That pic of Kerry and Naomi is HOTTTT

cal roth said...

Hate the Bening.


RichS said...

The reviews I've read so far praise the performances by Watts, Bening and Jackson, actually more on Watts. Watts has been leading the promotion for the film at festivals and public screening so far being also the 1st lead of the project as per cast listing published. Your slight of Watts as second fiddle to anyone else here is obvious, and so this is to set things right for you and your other readers. It's only good manners that you put your bias against Watts aside and published this post. Regards.


RichS... this post is about Annette and a movie's sale. How is the post not being about Naomi Watts a diss? please to explain.

Anonymous said...

good news for La Bening, Watts and Washington. I think the film will released next year. rich, interesting post. Maybe if La Bening will campaign as supporting actress she would win. she deserves it!!.

Anonymous said...

what's going on w august: osage county?