Monday, November 02, 2009

Posters To Drool On

I can't remember where I read about these amazing posters by Brandon Schaefer -- shame, because I hate not giving credit where it's due -- but I keep clicking back to them. I would love for movie marketing to be graphically enticing like this since the bulk of what's out there is poorly photoshopped floating celebrity heads. But at least we get brilliant poster imaging from adventurous repertory houses, museums and libraries and the like. Some of these posters at Seek and Speak are breathtakingly designed and smartly capitalize on either the title or a memorable image/theme from the film.

Here's a few I loved for The Blair Witch Project, The Dark Knight and Planet of the Apes.

Beautiful, yes? You can see more including clever takes on 8 1/2, Rear Window, Alien and other classic gems or modern hits here.


Lili said...

That poster for The Dark Knight is absolute genius!

Robert Hamer said...

Stop Making Sense is my favorite.

Arlo said...

Wow, these are really neat. I love the Mr. Holland's Opus poster.

Kyle Pinion said...

The Fright Night one makes me want to watch it, which I haven't done since I was about 7.

Rose said...

The poster for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

My favourites:

01. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
02. Singin' in the Rain
03. The Dark Knight
04. Mr. Holland's Opus
05. Manhattan

Drew said...

I think the poster for The Shining is really stunning... they're all amazing though.

Glenn said...

And you just know I love them!

Really does make you wonder how many key art designers must become alcoholics when you realise how little they are able to actually design stuff. They just have to add and subtract from default designs.

Janice said...

Very reminiscent of the best international poster design (cinematic and political posters) of the late '50's - early '70's, but each one is so beautifully designed, distilling the essence of the films, that they seem like affectionate nods to the past rather than "derivative". Gorgeous stuff - why doesn't Hollywood understand that a poster can be as much of a marketing asset (or a liability, in most cases today) as trailers etc? Isn't there a whole audience out there who long for the sort of posters like this, that you just want to rip off the theater walls and take home?