Thursday, June 03, 2010

Eight (Links) is Enough

Ask David Lynch I asked him a few questions today. He was sympathetic about my cat's health problems but he sure was mean / incoherent once I asked any question about myself. What will Lynch tell you?
CHUD "What if Jaws (1975) was made today?" I love this article and I absolutely believe that it would be as described. So...much...backstory nowadayzzzz
IMDb Q'Orianka Kilcher (The New World) arrested in oil related protest. We all know that oil companies (and our dumb societal resistance to developing alternate forms of energy) are going to be the death of us all so it's good to see young activists out there.
fourfour turns five. Happy birthday to an amazing blog. Rich shares his 20 favorite posts

Observations on Film Art Why are today's movies so unimaginatively shot with back and forth closeups? I'm always bitching about this so it's nice to see other people begging for variety, too. More blocking for your actors, please, directors. Try "The Cross"
The Scott Brothers on The Discreet Charm of Catherine Deneuve:
It’s that filmic resolve that sometimes gets labeled as “emotionally distant”, which is wholly unfair and misses the point of her amazing abilities as an actress.
Movie|Line Christina Hendricks removes her body parts in sci-fi music video. Honestly I think I just read a book like this. Was it Saturn's something?
Los Angeles Times the great cinematographer William A Fraker (Rosemary's Baby, Bullitt, Looking For Mr Goodbar) passes on. RIP


Kyle said...

I asked David what he thought of Lost..."total f*cking bullsh*t" was his response.
I don't agree, but my girlfriend sure did.

Kyle said...

I also think I might be one of the few straight men on the planet that isn't smitten with Christina Hendricks.

Jorge Rodrigues said...

And Rue McLachlan also died today.

How odd, Estelle Getty died in 2008, Bea Arthur in 2009 and now McLachlan in 2010.

Betty White is the only Golden Girl left.

Robert Hamer said...

"...our dumb societal resistance to developing alternate forms of energy..."

Of course, it's a little more complicated than that, and most people who make that complaint are strangely against the most efficient "alternative" energy source we know of (nuclear), but...well, whatever.

Emily said...

Saturn's Children is the name of the book, I think. The video is eerily similar...