Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Curio: Election Edition

Alexa from Pop Elegantiarum here with your weekly arts and crafts.

I hope all of you are voting today, if you haven't already. By the end of the day a significant number of us will be disappointed at the wackadoodles in office. Here are some bipartisan opinions you might want to sport instead of bitching about the results.

Independence Day Bill Pullman or Deep Impact Morgan Freeman for president?
Both are here.

That Karl Childers write-in campaign just won't die, as evidenced by these.

The sentiment of this tee seems more appropriate today than in 2008.

And finally, the best attack ad I've seen all year.
Only $1.00 here.



the really funny thing is that you know morgan freeman would be elected if he ran. people love a movie star. Isn't that how Arnold Schwarzenegger rose to power in California.

the familiar above all else!

Derreck said...

If i could, i would totally vote for Morgan Freeman. He did such a great job in Deep Impact. I don't know why people made such a hullabaloo (ooh, i've never used that word) about Barack, when Morgan Freeman was already president before him :P

But then again, i also believe in Harvey Dent.

George P. said...

That "I'll Be Barack" guy is kinda cute. =P