Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bizarro World

Someone tell me something good/happy/inspirational quickly before I lose my last shred of hope in humanity. I know it's a little drama queen-ish to say but things are seriously f***ed up in this world and i'm seriously depressed about the future.

The more I read or listen to the news the more I'm convinced that there's just no hope for humanity. People just don't get it. Or perhaps more depressingly people just don't wan't to. America has been hijacked by hilbillies like Toby Keith who have informed us that putting the boot in your face is "the American way" -(the last time I checked democracy and freedom didn't have the same definition as bullying or physical humiliation but maybe I should buy a new thesaurus (?), there's bumper stickers everywhere that just cheapen the 9/11 tragedy --you know the ones... 'We will never forget'

and I'd like to know: What does that mean? Does that mean: "We can hold a grudge better than anyone, you can bet your ass on that!"? If so, whoop de frickin' do. Congratulations. You're a highly evolved human being. Or does it mean something far more innocuous like "i feel sad and scared about this and the only way i know of dealing with it is to cheapen it and make it into a catchphrase/slogan so it feels comfortable and familiar instead of bone-chilling!"? Seriously. What does 'never forgetting' mean in this context? And why put it on your car?

War is hell. But America doesn't stand for what it used to stand for anymore if our new ideals are torture (alls fair in war) theocracy (separation of church and state? -not anymore) and the death of hard-won civil rights (also in the name of religion). 3,000 people dying is not an excuse to go to war with a country that had nothing to do with those 3,000 people dying. So we've basically taken one tragedy and just compounded it. Yay for us. This is bizarro world we're living in. And people just act like it's the most normal thing.

Why is my country losing its ideals? And ---the far more alarming question. Why is the country only 50/50 about whether this is a bad thing? Why aren't people up in arms about the loss of our freedoms and the growing theocracy of our government --when these are supposedly the very things that we're willing to wage war on other countries to prevent?

I never loved Kerry. I thought he was not the best choice in several ways but a few scared Dems in Iowa thought he was 'electable' so we're stuck with him. But even so... he is -on nearly every conceivable issue- superior to Bush ... but people don't want to see it. And what's more, Bush has masterfully kept the talk all on war where his aggression and obstinance feel like natural fits, and away from topics that would show just what a hideous failure he is as a president.

Maybe nobody knows this anymore but the President has other responsibilities besides leading wars.

I'm only in my thirties so my lifetime doesn't span that many presidents but how is it so easy for such a shitty president to get reelected? How is it OK with everyone that a president that loses this many lives, jobs, and basic civil rights seems to just march toward a second term?

When will people wake up?

And for anyone still reading, tell me something happy quick!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Rogers,

You´ve managed to go to Toronto for the first time.
Did you enjoy it? Aren't you too tired?

(What can I say to light things up???)

I think I have a new boyfriend. :-)

Please, be happy.

Marcelo, from Brazil.