Thursday, September 09, 2004

Much To Do Before Nothing

So maybe I have OCD. maybe. Why am I testing a third time before my trip? So, I've got one more to go after this --testing on my new IBook. God I love Macintosh. It's a sickness. You can see it in people's faces in the Apple store. Nothing else will do.

I still have a lot to do before my trip so I must be off.


for anyone familiar with Toronto I ask you to drop a comment explaining places I should see. (I have been to Toronto before but not in daylight.) I obviously won't have a lot of free time but I did leave one or two nights free and I have a hour or two here and there to fill. Suggestions for restaurants, suggestions for places to get drunk (if needed), nightlife, places to kill 30-45 minutes to an hour. Must be in the downtown area near the festival though. You know how to comment...


Anonymous said...

you've never been to Toronto "in the daylight"? You've only visited under cover of darkness? Sounds mysterious - and slightly naughty!

Ash said...

Toronto....a rather vacuous sprawll Nathaniel and rather little to do.............but u should check out the gay district experience Woody's right on the main Church street drag....see if anything's playing at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre on Young and Alexander St......Bar 501 on Bloor Street is a must for star sightings and as for downtown itself there is nothing much to do....if u have time and are with someone special go to the CN tower for an expensive but truly memorable dinner

Anonymous said...

A Few things to do, Nathaniel...
-You can always pass time in the Eaton's Centre, Toronto's largest mall, full of shopping and various great restaurants.
-The "gay district" at Church and Wellesley is not far from where the festival is taking place.
-The Ontario Legislature is right in the middle of things and there's a great (relatively short) tour available if you're so if you're into that sort of thing, I'd reccomend it.
-The CN Tower is, of course, always worth a look but to that properly takes some time so perhaps maybe not.

I'll be at the KINSEY showing Monday at 9:30 so if you want to ask any questions, feel free to arrange a meeting. :)