Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Reality World

I've been so exhausted since Toronto that I've been staring at the TV a lot and there really is nothing on. Well, nothing if you don't love reality television. And I don't. Though I did find myself watching all of the new Real World Philadelphia episodes. I'm not sure why --lethargy? Inability to walk away from the couch?

I laughed really hard though at the preview for next week (when Coroma (name?) gets arrested or something and freaks) because I kept saying to my boyfriend during the marathon. "Wow this black guy isn't angry. Why isn't the black guy angry? Doesn't he know that's his box. 'You have to stay in your box!!!!!' You are not allowed to have your own distinct personality! " And sure enough, there he goes getting angry. Whether or not it's justified is beside the point because the point is MTV needs them all to fulfill their foreordained roles. It's the same on American Idol as "television without pity" skewers regularly for this same problem. I guess they think you can't have a season without any of the normal characters.

It's so annoying on these shows that you can see the character types coming a mile away --never any surprises because the casting directors (or the editors, I suppose its hard to say which) have no imagination and just do the same or show the same 'types' every year. (the gay guy, the angry black guy, the slut, the dumb and/or sheltered guy/girl, the party person who drinks too much...and finally, the confidante/busybody/sponge --that is an open character that's assigned to whoever has the least amount of personality --so they get one grafted on by the editors. Just watch. The person ends up only being in the storylines because they're always talking about everyone else: This time that's Melanie. Three episodes in and she still had no "hook" or story so she becomes the one in the confessional that's always advising or talking about the stories of the others)

It's one of the many reasons I haven't watched a full season since Season 1. (Though I did peak in on occassion for San Francisco, Hawaii, and New Orleans) The show is too predictable. Too forced. Too whatever. And for once wouldn't it be so awesome if they walked into their digs on the first episode and they had to live in the real world (i.e. a tiny cramped urban apartment). If MTV wanted real and non-edited drama. Imagine the turmoil if they had to share as little space as real people get in the big city.

I miss fictional TV. So, tonight I'm going to watch "Lost" because the critics seem to like it and they're calling it 'original' which is always an eyebrow raiser (and a sure sign of imminent cancellation) in this world.

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