Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Tell Me Who I Am

I'm not sure about this whole festival experience. My head is all cluttered with film after film. (I should have done more training of triple features each sat/sun in August ;) and the opinions about the things I'm seeing keep wildly vacillating. And within the same film. Daggers moving down (though I love the first act so much), Ma Mere moving down --way down ...but for what it is it's not so bad, just really unpleasant, Clean staying about the same but not fading (which is maybe a good sign) Walk on Water -???? Kinsey --getting clearer. I reduced it to a B. I think the first third is an easy A, but as I remarked it gets more conventional as it goes along so it keeps downgrading itself. A-, B+, B, B- ... so I'm settling on a B for now. (That said the final scene is really lovely/downplayed)

The only things I'm sure about are the loves/hates. Everything in the middle is a jumble. Best so far: BROTHERS and by quite a margin. Worst so far: CREEP and by quite a margin. I will get the hang of this festival thing yet. If I do this again next year, I'll plan better schedule/theater wise... and pack better so I'm not always thirsty, hungry, whatever.

I have this morning off so I'm going to sit in a jacuzzi and get a massage and clear my head. Sorry to use you as a therapist. Moving right along...