Friday, September 10, 2004

Charlotte & Vendetta

Click on the title above if you want to see a great Flash series I'm currently obsessed with... (I even bought a T-Shirt) I'm more Charlotte than Vendetta in real life -never fear. So don't be afraid to introduce yourself if you happen to be at any screenings I'm at in Toronto. You can see my schedule on this page. My face in repose might look a bit scowly but I'll smile if you approach with caution and offer your hand first for olfactory testing. No sudden movements. Don't try to pet me right away.

To see what I look like you can hit my profile or go here (me with Julianne Moore. Not the first pic, that's Todd Haynes silly) and I was going to link up to another batch but they have gone and disappeared on me. Strange.

"making fiends making fiends...Vendetta's always making fiends . Making fiends while Charlotte makes friends"