Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sith, Cher, and Cronenberg

random thoughts from Saturday morning...

01 Why did I see Revenge of the Lucas last night? Hasn't George tortured me enough? Maybe my therapist is right...Maybe I am a masochist? And why did the train take 28 minutes to arrive and then go 'local' when I was already bone tired from enduring Lucas's relentlessly busy and gaudy images?

02 Yesterday was Cher's birthday and I really meant to do a post about The Year of Cher, which was (for those confused due to her impressively lengthy career) 1987 in which she had hit records, constant media coverage, and three movies Suspect with Dennis Quaid, The Witches of Eastwick with Sarandon, Pfeiffer, and Nicholson, and her Oscar winning star turn in Moonstruck. I meant to write about the best actress race that year and to congratulate the Academy (something I am prone to be stingy about) for choosing so well. Five women all of whom were deserving of their nominations. So, I guess you'll never know that I loved all five of the nominated performances that year: Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, Holly Hunter in Broadcast News (I like to pretend this nomination covers her spirited comedic work in Raising Arizonaas well), Meryl Streep in Ironweed(I still get chills thinking about her belting out "He's Me Pal", and Sally Kirkland in Anna.

03 Little Women is closing on Broadway. So my SuttonFosterLovin' best friend will be mightily pissed that by the time he arrives in August, Sutton will no longer be "Astonishing" each night in the new musical.

04 Who will win in Cannes today? Maybe they've already announced... it's soon at any rate. Buzz has the Cronenberg (A History of Violence), the Dardenne (The Child), and the Haneke (Hidden)as major contenders for something or other. Best Actor might be between Aragorn himself, Viggo Mortenson, and French star Daniel Auteuil. Of course there's always a chance that Jarmusch or Von Trier will be called.


NicksFlickPicks said...

I really liked Revenge of the Sith a lot. I'm tempted to say it's my favorite new movie of the year so far. Somebody check my temperature.

Best Actress '87 was up there with '50, '62, '74, and '96 as one of my all time faves. I love geeking on this stuff with you.

Cannes is announcing right. now. (Go, David!)

NicksFlickPicks said...

The plot of The Child sounds right up Toni Morrison's alley, I must say. I've still only seen Rosetta out of all the Dardennes' movies, so I need to start catching up.