Saturday, June 18, 2005

Joan, Russell, and Glenn

Fans of my site will be happy to know that Oscar-watching will continue. 'round about July 1st the Halfway Mark Oscar updates will happen. Though I must say that I don't have that much confidence that we've seen any significant contenders yet with the possible exceptions of Joan Allen if the campaign is handled well in terms of revival of The Upside of Anger and Russell Crowe if he can overcome his sociopathic bully tendencies and the middling box office for Cinderella Man.

Meanwhile fans of the Best Actress races in general should check out 80s superstar diva Glenn Close in her new filmThe Heights. Fans should do this immediately. It's not a great film but it is involving, the characters are well drawn and you may marvel again, watching it, at how Hollywood could have possibly ever lost interest in Ms. Close.


Gustavo H.R. said...

Close was brilliant in DANGEROUS LIAISONS, but a comeback is always possible.

Anonymous said...

I see Joan Allen also picking up a few critics awards for "Upside of Anger (and Yes)"

doesn't she have another movie out this year?

Is Glenn Close's new movie a theatrical release? As in, is it one to keep an eye out for in terms of awards?


adam k. said...

Allen's other film was "Off the Map". It was also supposed to be good, I think. I definitely see Allen as an NBR possibility. That should be enough to get her at least a comedy globe nod for Upside, which will put her, well, "on the map" for awards season.

par3182 said...

It's a crime that Glenn Close doesn't have an Oscar (she should have won first time up, for 'Garp'). Back in the 80s it looked like she was going to give Meryl a run for her money in the nomination stakes but, sadly, those juicy roles dried up. Even in crap like 'The Stepford Wives' she manages to shine. Thankfully she's not adverse to television, so we witness her talents regularly. She's a class act.


Close's new film is in theaters now. But it's probably too small and not good enough as an entire film to get her much Oscar play. But she's really fine in it. I don't watch much television so that's why I had the reaction I had. I had sort of forgotten how really riveting she is too watch.

Anonymous said...

Emmy watchers have her pegged for a nod for The Shield.

...there's randomly The Shield For Your Consideration ads on various sites that has a picture of Michael Chiklis and Glenn Close on it.


Anonymous said...

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