Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"The Pfeiffer Howls at the Moon"

I'm not quite back but I had to share this...

Did you know that Val Kilmer once had a relationship with Michelle Pfeiffer?* The only time they've appeared together onscreen was in an ABC Afterschool Special called "One Too Many" (pictured left) which was directed by Michelle's husband at the time, "Gary" from thirtysomething. If you're thinking 'why the hell were they doing a TV special?' you'll have to remember that both were mere beginners. Pfeiffer had only Scarface (1983) as a true calling card and Kilmer had made but one movie, the spoof Top Secret. Ladyhawke (1985) and Top Gun (1986) would speed up their careers soon after.

Anywayyy...That's not the point. Not only did Val Kilmer date her but he wrote a poem about her, featured in his self-published book My Edens After Burns (1987), called 'The Pfeiffer Howls at the Moon'. His relationship with Pfeiffer pre-dates her stint in Wolf by ten years. Val Kilmer is psychic! I'd love to read that poem but guess what? The book is going for $1200 --more details at Book Ride.

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*I'm sure that I did know this (being a true Pfan for 23 years --eep!) but I'd forgotten. The only pre-David E Kelley men I remember are John Malkovich (Scandal! He was married), Michael Keaton (this paid off later with that Batman/Catwoman chemistry) and Fisher Stevens (remembered due to the endless and cruel media harping on their beauty disparity).


Anonymous said...

I had an english teacher back in high school that made us watch that a few days before prom so as to dissuade us from drinking and driving. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!! It was goofy and over the top. AND...as morbid as it sounds, the whole room burst into laughter at the end when Michelle and Val's friend dies. I mean the idiocy of that girl - jumping in front of the car when you know the driver has had 'One Too Many!'

P.S. Its been a long time so I don't remember that much about Pfeiffer's performance...but come on, it's Pfeiffer so I'm sure it was spectacular :)

Moviezzz said...

"I mean the idiocy of that girl - jumping in front of the car when you know the driver has had 'One Too Many!'"

Actually, wasn't it the sober one driving? Was it Michelle? I only saw it once when it aired (and they aired it at night) but the whole thing was an argument about drinking, and then, as they drive away, with the sober one driving, was it Mare Winningham who jumped out in front of the car.?

They really have to put this out on DVD.

Anonymous said...

Val and Michelle had been drinking at their friend's house. They leave and the friend tells her boyfriend that Val's too drunk to drive so she runs outside and jumps in front of the car to stop him. She dies, police come, etc. Its then that we find out that it was...wait for it...a very drunk Michelle who ran her over and not Val. As it turns out Michelle, though drunk, felt she wasn't AS drunk as Val and thus OK to drive.
Lesson imparted: NEVER drink and drive!

The Scott Blog said...

That is a crazy fun bit of news friend, I love it!

morrissey said...

Batmans love her!

Nick Davis said...

I saw One Too Many in Driver's Ed during my sophomore year in high school. Is it any wonder that I never actually proceeded to get a license, or even apply for one? Could I offer any greater testimony to the on-screen potency of Michelle and, um, Val?

The Shamus (formerly TLRHB) said...

I thought she dated Eric Clapton briefly, too.