Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July Movie Lovers!

The Film Experience's Holy Trinity -- wait... oops. I'm so bad at math -- (American Division), wishes you a wonderful holiday. Celebrate safely! I'm off to watch friends and play with fireworks and. Or... I... I'm off!


filmfan said...

Julianne's performance in the new Blindness trailer looks fantastic...

adam k. said...

Holy Trinity?


When has she ever been put on this level before? I would've thought if anyone were to disrupt the math of the Holy Trinity, it'd be Winslet.

Robert said...

I was surprised to see Uma too.

I always assumed the Holy Trinity was: "In the name of the Meryl, the Julianne and the Holy Pfeiffer..."

adam k. said...

I still think Winslet got shortchanged.

Charlie said...

personally i'm SOOO EXCITED to see Uma up there!!!!!!!!!!!

M said...

"if anyone were to disrupt the math of the Holy Trinity, it'd be Winslet."

He meant something by "American Division", you know. =)

mrripley said...

eh? uma thurman when did she get to strrep level.

Hayden said...

I would like to add to the chorus of, "Uma?!"

Hayden said...

Personally, I'm surprised you didn't include "The Linney." Abigail Adams? Come on. The only thing more patriotic than Laura Linney is apple pie.

Luigi De Angelis S. said...

Uma Thurman is a fantastic choice because she's so talented but also so different (comparatively speaking among Moore, Pfeiffer and Streep).

PLUS: She's the youngest in the list and has 3 iconic roles (Mia, Beatrix and June)- so far- and other fine performances in films like Hysterical Blindness, Tape, The Producers (?)...

I'm happy... I love Uma and she deserves a better career (but still... she's amazing, what a presence!)

Anonymous said...

nat,out of meryls 14 nommed permormances which do you think she should not have been nommed for

my choices are
the french leutenant's woman
music of the heart
postcards from the edge
out of africa - she should have got the nod for plenty instead

she should've been nommed for the hours and the manchurian candidate

Luigi De Angelis S. said...

I love Uma Thurman... everytime I see her my heart explodes!


well the Holy Trinity (american division) is definitely MERYL, JULIANNE, and MICHELLE.

but my heart leaps like luigi when I see Uma so I just stuck her in on a whim. She looks good standing there, don'cha think?

Holy Trinity British Division is probably


but other than KATE who basicallly does job-sharing with MERYL for the actul last trinity spot most of the ladies i talk about consistently (UMA, the BENING, ANNE H, KIKI etcetera are part of the "Second Circle Corps" (Thanks to AMIR for the name of their status!) and it's too large to get into...

and includes everyone from UMA to THE BENING to ANNE HATHAWAY

Luigi De Angelis S. said...

... Nathaniel, and your non-English-Speaking Trinity?

Luigi De Angelis S. said...

My Holy Trinity British Division is probably:

JULIE CHRISTIE (just because I loved so much in "Away from Her")

oops... I'm lousy at Math.

adam k. said...

Is there an Aussie Trinity?


I assume you're too hot and cold on Watts and Blanchett for them to take part. There must be another BIG Aussie actress, but I can't think of who it is.


Luigi, the non-english language trinity is not really a trinity but a DENEUVE

followed by dozens of ladies in waiting including Carmen Maura, Victoria Abril, Franka Potente, Maggie Cheung, Gong Li, Isabelle Huppert, Emmanuelle Beart, etcetera...

adam k. said...

I feel like the Aussie Trinity would be Kidman, Collette, and Judy Davis (who not only delivered one of Nat's fave performances ever in Husbands and Wives, but also won an Emmy for playing Judy Garland). Though most people's Aussie trinities would replace her with Blanchett (and maybe Collette with Watts).

Hayden said...

Oh, god. My British Trinity would be comprised of Julie, Maggie, and Emma, with Vanessa as the lady-in-waiting.

ryansumera said...

dfor a while there i thought..

Sex & The City: the movie

casting director: God

Janice said...

//I feel like the Aussie Trinity would be Kidman, Collette, and Judy Davis//

I could live with that, Adam. I finally got to see My Brilliant Career just last year (it's finally been transferred to DVD) and she was wonderful. Actually she's been wonderful in a lot of things over the last 20-some years and consistently, eternally underrated (ie doesn't have the career or fame she deserves.)

Three degrees of separation from Baz note - Don McAlpine was the cinematographer on Career.

Watts was actually very fine in Painted Veil, methinks, but she's more famous (thanks to the Kidman connection) than she ought to be, given the choices she's made thus far. (I'm not saying she lacks talent btw, just that there are others just as deserving of her fame if not moreso.)

Arkaan said...


A Canadian Trinity: Genevieve Bujold, Sarah Polley and Sandra Oh (I love Molly Parker too, but there was only room for three).

Aussie Trinity: Blanchett, Davis and Kidman definitely.

French trinity: Isabelle Huppert, Emmanuelle Beart (the beauty, my God), Emmanuelle Devos.

alex Cypher said...

Watts is Aussi Trinity material, y'all !

Mulholland Drive
The Ring
21 Grams
I Heart Huckabees
King Kong
The Painted Veil
Eastern Promises
Funny Games

that's all

Arkaan said...

Mulholland Drive? Yes

The Ring? Meh

21 Grams? Dear God NO.

I Heart Huckabees? Yes

King Kong? Meh

The Painted Veil? Okay.

Eastern Promises? Worst part of the film.

Funny Games? Haven't seen.