Sunday, October 03, 2010

Links: "The 39 True Basterds Are All Right Network"

Warning: Teaser poster for True Grit bound to shame eventual actual poster with its gorgeous directness and simplicity. [Editor's Note: I've been in a very bad place/mood when it comes to movie posters lately. More on this soon.]

big screen
Scanners wonderful piece on the editing in Inglourious Basterds and what kind of choices Sally Menke was making.
Guardian I hadn't realized that The Kids Are All Right hadn't made it to the UK yet. But now that it's getting there: new articles! Lisa Cholodenko offers up an interesting theory about why women directors are few: It's not systemic sexism but based on what audiences value.
Cinema Blend an easter egg (we used to call them "inside jokes") in The Social Network for Fight Club fans.
Nick's Flick Picks has a brief encounter w/ none other than Roger Ebert
Our Stage
the pop stars in big films this year
Boing Boing Yoda as Princess Leia. teehee

small screen
Deadline Wonder Woman via David E Kelley for television? There's a lot of snark in the comments on this post (I didn't know that Deadline had such conservative readership but I don't pay much attention to other sites...  a problem when you have to run your own). My mind unwillingly flashed to Michelle Pfeiffer playing the Queen of the Amazons (previously played to camp perfection by Cloris Leachman in the 1970s tv show.)
Daily Beast 'Why I Loathe Glee'. A compelling argument about what's wrong with the series (and why it's going to get worse)
Movie | Line The 3 worst stereotypes on TV this week

offscreen (I'm trying to avoid eyestrain)
Interview Naomi Campbell reminisces (lots of celebrities and history). Weird factoid: very few things remind Nathaniel of the early 90s more than "The Trinity": Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington.
REEAD I have no idea why this slide show arrived in my inbox under the heading "Is Madonna a religion?" but it just goes to show you that having a beautiful body can get you lots of page views... even if your headlines are misleading.
TCG Readers who are interested in theater might enjoy seeing which current plays are slated for the most regional production this coming year. I've been meaning to write about the Hitchcock spoof The 39 Steps forever. I guess I should. So many productions coming up.


Robert said...

Great slew of links, can't wait to read them. The 39 Steps was such a hilarious play! I went with some friends who got tickets on a whim, and fell in love immediately.

Arkaan said...

The movieline link has another one stating that SPC was first with screeners: MOTHER AND CHILD and ANIMAL KINGDOM.


arkaan -- ha! i was just going to post something to the same. i received them.

ANIMAL KINGDOM. go jacki weaver.

Andrew R. said...

Basterds Editing-Lovely video/piece. Tarantino, I've noticed, has been very quiet. I don't blame him.

Easter Egg in Social Network-Love it.

Roger Ebert-Awesome.

Glee-I hate Glee too (watched two episodes in Season 1 and gave up), and I have always thought the song performances were trying very hard to become viral vids. And that Jewish character sounds cruelly unfunny. Stereotyping is hilarious when treated properly, or when it's so improper it's brilliant, but this sounds like a horrible middle ground. It's not hilarious because it's offensive OR because it's funny.

Caroline said...

Andrew R - I really don't think it's stereotyping. Two of the central characters are also Jewish (Puck and Rachel).

SusanP said...

Love the Wonder Woman GIF. I totally want to spin around my room and have that happen, even if I'm just getting dressed for work.