Thursday, December 02, 2010

Randomness: Menacing Cologne, Chained Actress, Bloodied Benjamin

Oh hello there. You're back? I'm just basking in the beauty that is this new Rabbit Hole poster. I loved the first one, too. What is happening? Posters are supposed to be terrible and they keep doing right by this film. This one visually gets at the disconnect between two people who are still very much connected,  physically, legally, experientally and emotionally. I love it.

We're down to the finish line on major Oscar hopeful 2010 releases now.
  • Dec 3rd: Black Swan
  • Dec 10th: The Fighter
  • Dec 17th: Rabbit Hole
  • Dec  22nd: True Grit
  • the dread last split second of eligibility strategy: Another Year, Blue Valentine
I'm still awaiting The Fighter and True Grit (both within the next week). [Silly tangent: People were making fun of me mistyping Rabbit Hole on twitter and facebook. I keep typing Rabbit HOle or Rabbit Hold --- wtf? -- squeeze those slutty bunnies! [/tangent]

 Earlier this year I wrote a Best in Show column for Tribeca Film on the wonder that was John Hawkes in Winter's Bone. Now that he's up for a Spirit Awards, can he become something more than a longshot for Oscar? Why is it that some terrific performances have such difficulty getting traction and other adequate ones sail through to Oscar nominations? Let's not give up hope yet. Matt Singer at IFC wrote up a fine tribute to Hawkes
The man wears menace like cologne.
Beautifully put. Go read it.

VYou "What Shall I Draw" fufilled my request to draw an actress winning an Oscar, but managed to impugn my actressexuality at the same time. Check it out...

"If it weren't for Nathaniel R and his support, I don't know where I'd be right
now. Probably not chained in his basement..." LOL.

Oh relax, WSID, I only keep them in chains for a week or two, tops. After the actress has dutifully read her latest script pile and chosen her next project I release her back to the studios to provide all of us with more cinematic pleasures.  Everyone thank me!

P.S. If you haven't checked out vyou yet, you should. A lot of fun over there. I have an account but I'm having trouble with my mic. I shall answer your questions as soon as I fix. Or maybe I shall have to learn mime.

Finally, ... reports that Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, the irreverent historical emo rock musical political satire (yes all those things) is closing in just one month on Broadway. A lot of shows are closing actually - tough season. If you're in NYC during December try the lottery for BBAJ. That's how I saw it. You end up front row, way too close to the flying spittle but it's very funny and fast. Major selling point: Meryl Streep's future son-in-law Benjamin Walker has total star charisma. He turned down the role of Beast in X-Men: First Class to stay with Bloody Bloody so see him before he gets more famous. If casting directors are wise (always a risky "if") he'll be flooded with offers once he quits with the live bloodletting.


City_Of_Lights said...

Well I personally wouldn't mind a Rabbit Hold from Mr Eckhart!

The clips they continue to release from RH are freakin' amazing! I need to see this yesterday!

Volvagia said...

On the typos: The first one is an unconscious emulation of the original poster's typeface. The second one is just a typo.

James T said...

Does "rabbit hold" mean something? Am I stupid for googling it? I didn't find anything.

And why is Monty such a diva? Don't just stay there. Play a little with the camera :p


James -- Monty only believes in about 15 minutes of movement a day. The rest is time spent feeling superior to the rest of the mobile world.

City -- i'm anxious to see it again.

Volvag -- is a typo ever just a typo?

Japan Cinema said...

Black Swan will own. Great blog you have here Nathaniel!

Devin D said...

Any praise for Hawkes warrants a comment from me. At least, that's the standard I hold myself to.

Volvagia said...

Often, yes. For example I made the typo Oftenm while starting that sentence. Does that really mean anything?


Devin D -- comment received. Isn't he so damn wonderful in that movie? It's so sad that you have to have a leading role (or close to a leading role) to get in that category.

Volvag -- I was joking.

Volvagia said...

But, of course, if casting directors and studios were wise, Bruce Campbell would be a name in lights star instead of being mostly known as Sam Raimi's pet. ARGGH!

Criticlasm said...

Just saw Blue Valentine last night. Love Gosling - he's incredible. Film I'm not so in love with - something actors love but maybe not so much for everybody else.

Steve said...

Does anyone know when National Board of Review will be announced?


3 pm est supposedly

Glenn Dunks said...

The reason Rabbit Hole has such good posters is because, just like Precious last year, it's from a studio that actually needs and wants to make money.


Glenn -- imagine that! wanting to make money. Plus: thinking posters can affect that.