Wednesday, December 03, 2008

"David Fincher, Can We Talk?"

Dave, I just got back from one of those Academy screenings of Benjamin Button. Totally dug it... Especially the part where Benjamin gets younger and younger and Brad Pitt looks exactly like he did back in '92. Golden! Brad can run through my rivers whenever he wants. I love the way your brain works, Dave.

So... yeah, 1992. I'm sure that brings someone else to mind. I give you one guess you naughty man. Call me. I have an idea. I'll foot the f/x bill myself if needs be.




Anonymous said...

I wonder if Sharon's idea involves 'acting' in a film, (looking like she's still 35!) then sending all members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association nice, expensive watches just so that she can win a globe thus leading to the belief that she's admired, respected and recognised as a 'serious' actress.

Anonymous said...

sorry if it's my uk humour but i don't get this post at all,whats wrong with sharon stone v funny in irreconcilable differences,godd in 3 dramas bobby,casion & the mighty and far better in some films than they deserved diaboliqie,sliver & basic instinct.


yeah. i guess it would be funnier if people had seen the movie. Curse these release dates!

Joe Reid said...

I thought it was perfectly funny. Captured Sharon's haughty-yet-faux-familiar cadence quite well.

Anonymous said...

this is so funny! the second paragraph had me rolling on the floor. very wicked, nat!


anon hilarious. I think it definitely involves 'acting'... but only with quotes ;)

Anonymous said...

Sharon Stone is a guilty pleasure of an actress.

You know she is far from the best and that her range is rather limited, but she has charisma in spades.

A potent screen presence.

Anonymous said...

what on earth is this post about?


well, see Benjamin Button ages backward so Brad Pitt gets younger.

and there's this director named...

oh, never mind.

too early. too early. shoulda saved this post for December 27th ;)

Janice said...

//too early. too early. shoulda saved this post for December 27th //

Yeah, I guess you shoulda. It's still funny, though.

I was watching Broken Flowers the other night and at the same time I'm thinking to myself "that's sharon stone? She looks just like Madonna now" my girlfriend blurts out "who's that actress...Sharon Stone? That doesn't look like Sharon Stone."

These women have got to stop handing out their surgeon's business cards to their BFF's.

That said - she was still funny and yes, poignant, in the film. Not in a ha-ha laugh out loud kind of way (this is a Jim Jarmusch film after all) but I thought she gave one of the best perfs in the film. It reminded me that even in a limited role, albeit one with the right director, she can be a potent comedic force.

Now Jessica Lange's face...that's another post entirely. :(