Monday, December 01, 2008

I simply remember my favorite links, and then i don't feel so bad

Nick's Flick Picks Nick has a revised "favorites" list and (joy!) 6 new write-ups. That's right, 6. Now, if I could only get my "personal canon" going again
Low Resolution Joe's winter preview
Stale Popcorn
Glenn's hopes 4 Oscar season
Basket of Kisses Deborah and Roberta meet Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men) now on the boards in that old Madonna role in Speed the Plow
Boy Culture Matthew does not like this 'John Travolta' guy
My New Plaid Pants JA's 5 favorite Woody's (Allen)
In Contention Guy likes the "Sight & Sound" top ten list, with Hunger up top
Websters is my Bitch Stacey has irrational hatred for Robert Pattison
Tractor Facts Fox has some words for Four Christmases. More than four he has.
Gold Derby on gay characters and Oscar. It helps Penn's Oscar chances that Milk dies violently... sadly
StinkyLulu Lulu is collecting web writings on Gus Van Sant's Milk


NicksFlickPicks said...

Thanks, love. Tura Satana and I both appreciate your shout-out, especially the parenthetical (joy!).

Anonymous said...

Too bad Ennis doesn't die in "Brokeback Mountain". Heath would have gotten Oscar for his best try.
It's pathetic - but that's one of the reasons I think James Franco will not make it to the shortlist this year (unless enough people will find out how Scott Smith passed away).
Anyway, I'm shocked and happy that they decided to show "Milk" in my homophobic country - "Brokeback Mountain" opened in just a few cinemas, ten days before The Black Sunday, and almost no one was interested because people who wanted to watch it were laughed at (including me; I can remember that apart from me, there were about 8 people in the cinema).
They are going to release "Milk" under the title "Citizen M."

Anonymous said...

I used to be a little annoyed with all the fan girl hysteria about Robert Pattinson (still am, I guess), but after seeing some of his interviews, I actually sort of have a crush on him. ;) He just seems like such a fan guy, who doesn't take himself seriously at all. Has a bit of a wacky kind of humour (which I love), too, and a really nice smile. So there, you can call me a fan.

Guy Lodge said...

As always, thanks for the link, Nat. (My first name in one of your posts! I'm star-struck. Slightly.)

Anonymous said...

It was a big week. We met both Elisabeth and you, Nathaniel ; )

Thanks for the linkage!

Anonymous said...

A really random thought. Amy Adams is a year older than Kate Winslet. I keep forgetting how young Kate is.


I know right? She's been famous forever

adam k. said...

Yep, Kate's been a megastar to some degree since she was 22.

The other one who I always forget is so young is Gwyneth Paltrow, who won her oscar at something like 26 (?). But even she's a bit older now.

Glenn said...
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Glenn said...

"Thank you darling" /naomi watts in 'mulholland drive' impersonation

Simone said...

This is some cool blog pimping Nate! I've added you and Guy, so far to my blog roll, more to come. Thanks!

Deborah said...

Thanks for the linkage! Rich Sommer is tomorrow, I think.

Anonymous said...

New trailer for Little Ashes just got released on yahoo. Pattinson gives a better performance in those two minutes than in the whole of Twilight.