Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

I didn't do any movie-themed Easter eggs this year like before. Nor have I spent time creating any elaborate photoshopped bunny themed card for y'all. Nor have I compiled a Happy Resurrection "Comebacks I Long For" list... though obvs you know at least one of them. I am fail for this particular holiday. See, I just lost my sidebar corporate job that supports my freelance writing addiction so am a bit blue without help from any colored dye.

I hope you're enjoying the holiday however you celebrate it or don't.

More of that first batch of the year's Oscar predictions coming up this afternoon.

If you're feeling all crafty revisit my easter egg post from last year (click on the pic) and come up with your own variations and new characters.



Winny. said...

sorry about the job loss :(

Janice said...

What Winny said - I am so sorry to hear that! I hope you're able to find another one quickly.

Carl said...

Just completed a year since my layoff - you have my shared sympathies. Keep up the good work on the website and the's one heckuva portfolio, and you don't even have to carry it with you!

Jamie said...

love that movie.

Wishing you luck looking for a job.

Agustin said...

:( I hope you can someday make a living out of this blog..
in the meantime, good luck on your job hunt!

Nikki Comer said...

Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless.

I hope you get a better job than the last one


Lara said...

Happy Easter and here's to a better job soon.