Sunday, August 02, 2009

" I just met a wonderful new man. He's fictional but you can't have everything."


Janice said...

Arguably one of Mia's (and Woody's) best? Another chance for AMPAS to give Mia the golden guy totally squandered. this is also a wonderful un-Woody film, in that it doesn't have the usual identifiable shtick.

Jeff Daniels is wonderful in that film as well.

BTW Nat, love the pic of Mary-Louise in the banner. My girlfriend and I are halfway through season 3 of Weeds (thanks to Netflix) and we're totally addicted.

Encore Entertainment said...

I've never been a Mia fan, but I can understand how you feel about the squandering Janice. What I never get though is Jeff's snub [for this and every other film]. Like I'm watching Terms of Endearment, and although I cannot claim to understand Oscar's infatuation with it...they nominate John Lithgow for a ridiculous performance and completely snub Jeff. Even when he's in identifiable stuff they snub him.

adri said...

I loved the premise of this film, and it was carried out beautifully with the film/real world double story. I would have liked a different ending though. I kind of feel that if the audience suspends disbelief enough to accept characters walking in and out of movie screens, they'll suspend disbelief enough for a happy ending too.

When Mia Farrow is in tears in her old life, it's almost like she's being punished for having dared to believe something else. Or like, we're in the scene in Sullivan's Travels in the prison where the inmates are watching Mickey Mouse (Pluto?), but there's still one reel to go, where Sullivan gets to return to where he's happy. That happier ending didn't ruin that film.

Or maybe I just wanted it to end in the movie within the movie because that was where all the fun and imagination was.

mrripley said...

i love daniels in thism ore than mia

1985 best actor winner *
raul julia - kiss of the spider woman
jack nicholson - prizzis honor
gene hackman - twice in a lifetime
jeff daniels - the purple rose of cairo
william hurt - kiss of the spider woman*

Jesper Larsson said...

"The Purple Rose of Cairo" is perhaps the movie with most unexplainable snubs, like best actress, best actor, best picture and several technical noms.


adri... but the ending's perfect! It's just not traditional. It says such profound things about both the joy and the limits of escapism

My parents took me to see it and hated it because of the ending... I remember being confused by how i felt but days later just obsessed with the final scene of the flickering lights on Mia's face.

One of my all time favorite movies now.

joshua said...

the movie is beautiful and is one of if not the best films during his work with mia. the film has such a range of emotions and is an absolute joy to watch. allen at his most playful.