Monday, August 03, 2009

The Linker is In

Nathaniel (c'est moi) is back. Thank you to the guest bloggers Robert, JA, Adam, Jose, RC and Kieran for letting me breathe this week. Give them a round of applause.

The past seven or eight days have been alternately stressful, joyous, upsetting, relaxing and extremely busy (offweb stuff mostly: friends getting married, work deadlines...) but all the while I didn't have that sick omgihavetopostsomething*now* feeling that I don't think is conducive to good blogging or creativity. That feeling was beginning to sully The Film Experience a bit for me and it's something I'll have to watch out for and shoo away in the future. There's hundreds of corporate movie blogs out there that provide that 12-25 daily news-posts fix. I'll just try to craft good little nuggets as I can. I cherish this little home I've made on the web and the many people (you) who walk into it every day to join in the conversation. Please remember that even if you can't donate (times are tough) there are other ways you can encourage the Film Experience to keep on keeping on: commenting, recommending articles you like for IMDb's hit list, sharing the best pieces on social networking sites, etcetera.

SLatIFR Dennis Cozzalio's in-depth interview with Stephanie Zacharek (Salon) gave me much to ponder and smile about
Guardian movie jargon we love to hate
Urlesque "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" as someone who taught himself to type this delighted me so

---> No, Penélope & Pedro do not appear in these links. I just like seeing them pictured together. That said, I quite miss Victoria Abril. Can't Pedro bring her back for one picture... just one. Por favor?

Shiantology I'm not religious but I have been known to worship movie stars... I'd better stay away from this
Daily Mail Lindsay sparkling (sort of). So much older than her years...
Monkey See Laughing at the Man: HBO's Hung. Haveg. Have any of you seen the new series?

Finally... since none of my guest bloggers shared it, better late than never: The Coen Bros A Serious Man trailer. I'm not sure what to make of it. It could be an Intolerable Cruelty, which is undervalued but still mostly disposable or a Raising Arizona. We won't know till we see it. I did however get a big kick out of the sound effects as percussive musical accompaniment.

I'm not sure who the sound mixers and sound editors on the Coen Bros pictures are or if they vary from film to film but they tend to be top notch aural magicians.


Anonymous said...

I am actually getting a slight Barton Fink vibe off the Coen's latest, might just be the muted colors and dull clothing.

NicksFlickPicks said...

Love the trailer, no matter what happens with the movie. The aural genius of whom you speak is Skip Lievsay, whose IMDb page should be enough to convince anyone that he not only ought to have won a competitive Oscar by now but is a solid candidate for Lifetime Achievement: The Silence of the Lambs, The New World, Goodfellas, Beloved.... plus he does a fantastic job of moving between huge studio tentpoles, truly indie indies, and everything in between.

billybil said...

It is so good to see you back in "control". It's not that I didn't enjoy all your guests but there isn't anyone quite like Nate!!

Saw CHERI yesterday and thought of you several times. I enjoyed the film way more than I expected. I hated the lead male in the previews and thought watching him for a full film would make me noxious but he was fine - much more "up" for the role than I expected. And I am very pleased that Pfeiffer's work on camera remains fascinating, effective and wonderfully accomplished. Just think back to how many times Frears felt confident to just let the camera linger on her face. An audience will gladly just sit there for long stretches and be content to look at her face and her luminous eyes and live all sorts of moments with her. I think she is more stunning in the role - and, of course, I don't just mean physically - than I even expected. It was nice to be under her spells again and I do think she carries the movie effortlessly.

Why do all of Kathy Bates' roles lately seem so one-dimensional? I don't get it. I've got to believe it's a case of poorly written supporting roles but, gosh, I thought she was kinda one-dimensional in REVOLUTIONARY ROAD and now, again, in CHERI. What's up with this?

And weren't the gowns and sets in CHERI to die for? Oh what a beautiful period in history. And what's with that young boy who was with that harridan in the one greenhouse scene? I thought he looked rather interesting - more behind those eyes than usual for such a small part. Too bad Michelle didn't have a little time for him!

And, as my wife observed, you could tell the story was written by a woman based on how things ended up for Cheri years later. If it had been written by a man, Cheri would have ended up in a much different place.

For some reason I can't help but remember Annette Bening's film, BEING JULIA and compare it to CHERI. Annette can be quite an actress but I think CHERI proves that Michelle Pfeiffer just kills at being gorgeous, strong-willed yet vulnerable, and an incredibly, romantic survivor. Really - she just captures that elusive, magical, movie star glamour that so few actresses can inhabit nowadays. Gosh I love Michelle Pfeiffer.

Deborah said...

It's interesting that the Coens have a whole new cast; no Coen regulars.

Wayne B. said...

"There's hundreds of corporate movie blogs out there that provide that 12-25 daily news-posts fix. I'll just try to craft good little nuggets as I can." Yes, please. :) That's what makes this blog so awesome to read.