Saturday, April 03, 2010


Jose here.

Marlon Brando would've turned 86 today. When he died he left behind a filmography any thespian would envy and admire, as he created not one, or two but three (arguably four) of the most iconic characters in cinema history.

He was also so pretty to look at...

With that said here's a few ways to celebrate him.

Ride a bike ● buy a small island off Tahiti ● go to a fast food restaurant at 3 A.M. ● marry a woman seven years your senior ● watch The Godfather ● be a "wild one" ● tease your sister-in-law (not to the point of mental breakdown though) ● watch Viva Zapata! ● have Robert de Niro play a younger version of you ● convince people that you can sing and star in a musical ● have Madonna mention you in one of her songs ● appear in a Michael Jackson video ● team up with Sophia Loren ● get married again ● watch Mutiny on the Bounty ● father a superhero ●

Make someone an offer they can't refuse ● go nuts and disappear into a jungle ● be Johnny Depp's shrink ● put oranges in your mouth ● scream "hey StelLLAAAAAA" (works better if you know an actual Stella) ● watch Sayonara ● revolutionize acting ● win an Oscar ● befriend Sacheen Littlefeather ● win another Oscar and send your new friend to claim it ● watch Reflections in a Golden Eye ● steal Jean-Pierre Léaud's girl ● look awesome in white t-shirts ● play a schoolteacher ● get married one last time ● get creative with butter ● direct a western ● watch A Streetcar Named Desire ● make controversial statements on Larry King ● defend human rights ● befriend Jack Nicholson ● pick up Eva Marie Saint's glove and play with it ● watch Apocalypse Now ● Be a contender


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

double feature of A Streetcar Named Desire and On the Waterfront.

"I could a been a contendah"

Volvagia said...

Well, Brando was method. The problem with method is this: It's the ultimate perfectionism. Method Actors, although effective, often strike me as mechanical. Scarface, although an amazing movie, probably would have been a bit better without Pacino. Who? If he lived, I think it'd be John Cazale in the Academy Award winning performance.


"father a superhero"

good one, Jose.

Dimitra said...

I love this one!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Brando. You make my heart ache every time I watch you. Method you may be, but I believe everything you say. And when I remember that you are dead, along with Katharine Hepburn and Gene Kelly (whom I do not believe as much, but still love to watch), I want to weep for the actors who don't live up to your legacy.

Also, I'd just like to say that I thoroughly disapprove of Hollywood's Remake Craze, and if anyone is stupid enough to take on a Brando (or Hepburn, or O'Toole...) role, I might go down to LA and picket the bloody set.