Friday, August 12, 2005

Aquatic Tenenbaums @ Rushmore

I finally watched Wes Anderson's Rushmore. (In preparation for the 1998 retrospective @ TFE.) Having seen it now, I am curious as to why The Royal Tenenbaums was greeted in many places as a step back when it debuted 3 years later. To me it was an athletic leap forward...

a little more on this topic over @ Cinemarati)


Anonymous said...

oh god, i HATE 'Rushmore'. bah. Boring as bat shit (pardon me). I thought the movie was over and then it kept going. Ugh.

However, i LOVE Royal Tenenbaums.

And in a slightly odd twist I merely sorta liked The Life Aquatic. A little too odd.

But, seriously, Rushmore was such an unpleasant experience for me. Just... blah.

(can you do a 1994 retrospective. Probably my favourite year of the 90s! Shawshank! Pulp Fiction! City of Lost Children! Lion King! Heavenly Creatures! Speed! Bullets Over Broadway! Last Seduction! Professional! Prescilla! Ed Wood! Hoop Dreams! New Nightmare! True Lies! Sum of Us! Muriel's Wedding! The Ref! Serial Mom! It Could Happen To You! Swimming With Sharks! and last but not least, the incredibly fun (and Irish!) War of the Buttons!

man, great year.


Anonymous said...

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