Monday, August 22, 2005

Hey Crude

Today I discovered that I wasn't alone in wondering why people wanted to ridicule Jude Law's peepee. Turns out the internet was still talking about it.

I thought I was behind the curve (I've been a wee bit out of it news-wise) but it turns out I was sizing this thing up along with the thinkpieces the other day. It's always slightly gratifying as a writer to feel like you're talking about stuff that theoretically one can get paid to talk about. But alas, my services are free. I'm not famous enough for any huge site to link to me. Sigh. My blog remains limp and unfluffed to the eyes of the world. I wish it were bigger.


par3182 said...

it's not the size of the blog but the skill of the blogger that keeps me comin' back for more, nate.

adam k. said...

I think huge blogs are less fun and less intimate. Who wants to be one of 50+ or 100+ posters? Who wants to read all those posts? There are definitely diminishing returns. It's rather like (gasp) movie blockbusters. Most movies that make tons of money are totally forgettable. It's mostly those midrange sizedor even tiny indie pictures that people really love.
Better to stay loyal to yourself and your fans.
Your blog is totally cool.


thanks. just havin a bit of fun though.

Anonymous said...

This blog is less than a year old, right? Give it a little time...the writing will pull them in. And just because the big bloggers aren't linking to you doesn't mean you can't link to fact, it might draw their attention. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

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