Thursday, August 11, 2005


Some things to read until I have something else to say herein:
1. David Poland's Fall Preview (still very high on The Family Stone)
2. Broadway bitch-fight (thanks to ModFab for pointing it out)
3. La Streepwins her 3rd Oscarin February 2007. Just remember I called it first. I saw Dirty Tricksonstage and the part is ultra-dreamy for any actress.
4. Ain't Jake cute? (courtesy of towleroad)


Joe R. said...

I love that there is someone alive who can write the word "derring-do" without irony.

adam k. said...

Nathaniel, if Streep wins best actress for 2006, that means Julianne will not win for Savage Grace/Freedomland! Depressing. I must say though, at this point, Streep is as overdue for her third oscar as Moore is for her first. 9 consecutive losses? Ouch. Now it would be really terriffic for Streep and this movie (and the world) if there were actual impeachment proceedings building up next year, to parallel the film's events... now that would be sweet.
And boy does the Unfinished Life trailer look bad. It's true, Jenny from the Block + a southern accent = cringeworthy. Why is she in this movie anyway?

par3182 said...

do you think david poland has just jinxed 'the family stone' ? 'antwone fisher' and 'the phantom of the opera', anyone?