Sunday, August 14, 2005

Development Heaven

Check out this link. I didn't know that this movie,The Family Stone, was supposed to be made two years back. More often than not we hear about "Development Hell" But when you get delayed and suddenly your movie stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton, Claire Danes, Rachel McAdams, Dermot Mulroney, & Luke Wilson --well, I guess not all development is hellish.

Bridget Monayhan and Selma Blair < Sarah Jessica Parker and Claire Danes.

That's casting up! Love it. I hope the movie is good...but I am a little doubtful that Diane Keaton is our leading Best Actress candidate as David Poland suggests. Nothing in any synopsis of this movie seems to suggest that the story is about the mother at all. Of course the leading plot-shakers (in this case Parker & Danes) are not always the leads in Oscar's eyes.


Calum Reed said...

I adore Diane Keaton and really hope she can turn the role into something oscarish with her quirky comic magic. The early signs are pretty good I reckon.

Anonymous said...

keaton is leading. poland SAW the picture.


par3182 said...

poor bridget monayhan - first carrie steals big and now sarah jessica parker steals her part.


and can we talk about Selma Blair. I refuse to believe she is capable of nothing other than the uptight frumpy rich girl --if I were her agent I'd be advising her to save her pennies and wait it out till someone gives her a chance to do something different.

Calum Reed said...

She ws dreadful in The Sweetest Thing.