Monday, August 08, 2005

What Your Queue Says About You

Last night I watched The Same River Twice which was moving due to its subject matter (aging & how one either clings to or let's go of the past) but somewhat unfocused-- less than it could have been I think.

I was reading this post on Netflix queues @ Cinematical this morning and it got me thinking: what is coming my way and why?

I tend to use My Netflix service for "projects"; i.e. my planned retroactive awards or for silent movie festivals, or to bone up on the classics, or to watch things I read about that went straight to DVD (usually gay or foreign), or to watch everything by one director (Bergman) or actor (Tony Leung). But, the queue is also gargantuan (169 and counting...) and unwieldy (all mixed up project-wise). So, I have to tell you: It's very much like my life. I'm always adding new 'projects' and i have an inability to let the past projects go. What I really need is to pare down, just like Cinematical suggests.

What does your queue say about you?



i have two subscriptions too. But the other is classicflicks because they have stuff Netflix doesn't have.

Anonymous said...

I must interject to point out that there is no such thing as an "unhealthy" obsession with French cinema.

par3182 said...

mine tells me i'm never going to catch up with all the films i once put off seeing for one reason or another. procrastination; not worth waiting for.