Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday CatBlogging: Sappho

This week one of my friends and I have been trading off housesitting duties for another friend. I must confess: I'm totally saddened when it's my day off. You see, in this studio apartment resides the second cutest cat in the world (My beloved Montgomery being first of course). This isn't a great picture of the sweet thing but the only one I have at the moment.

Sappho is from Russia and she is tiny and long and weighs nothing. Unlike Monty, who lives for all things floor, Sappho is all about verticality. When they briefly lived together in the summer of 99 Monty would sit under whatever magnificent heights that Sappho had ascended to (be it bookcase, door, clothes hangers (no joke), refrigerator, etc...) and just stare up at her longingly for hours. Monty isn't the only one who Sappho has whipped. Sappho is the kind of feline most humans fall for. She always wants to play. She always wants to cuddle. And she always seems hellbent on outcuteing her last pinnacle of shameless cuteness.