Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bad News for Selfish Fans

You have to understand that I'm beside myself today. After hearing about Madonna's 47th Birthday riding accident (horse trouble ---broken collarbone, etc...) my immediate thoughts went like this.

1. Ohmygod --What!?!
2. I totally forgot her birthday. my bad. Bad fan.
3. S@%^ This means her CD release will be delayed and maybe no tour? F%#@!!!
3. Yeah, this definitely means no tour. Or at least a delayed release of the album. It's not like she can make the videos with a broken collarbone... [editors note: this train of thought goes on for a long time. we won't bore you]

(it finally dawns on me)

4. wow. I'm selfish. I hope she's OK.
Get well soon Mo!


Anonymous said...

Apparently no delays. Apparently.


adam k. said...

Ick... I have a terrible confession to make... this Madonna thing of Nate's reminds me of my own selfish feelings re: the Iraq War beginning like a week before the oscars. I remember first being like "whoa, what? war? that sucks!"... then being like "wait, does this mean the oscars will be canceled? I won't get to see Julianne in her beautiful ensemble and see if she finally wins?"etc... then I was like "wait... shit... war is bad... stupid illegal war is SO bad... oscars are not important... I am SO selfish and have such terrible priorities"... so yeah. Heh... heh... I SUCK.
That said, I care much more now about actual things and am planning to attend an anti-war rally in Washington on Sept. 24. Everyone should go!

adam k. said...

Sorry Nathaniel for using your blog for shameless promotion.

Anonymous said...

I had the same thoughts (about Madonna and the war/Oscars)

I want her CD NOW. I've just been re-iPodding her CDs (because mine broke AGAIN) and man... great stuff.

-Glenn (get well soon Madge)

Anonymous said...

Just realised that this year has been pretty bad for our singing legends. Kylie (or, maybe not for America, but to us and Europe!) got cancer and now Madonna's broken bones.


Kylie didn't have a CD to release however...


Anonymous said...

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